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Test E/D bol cycle critique

Male 37
weight 180 lb
5’ 9"
ex powerlifter background
currently crossfit and olympic weightlifting

Squat 365 High bar
deadlift 500#
bench 335
front squat 315
push press 245

looking to add some size and strength while staying lean


1-4 d bol 30mg/day (20 pre/10 post workout)
1-12 test E 625mg/wk 250 E3D
2-13 hcg 500iu/wk 250iu E3D
1-14 adex .25 EOD



40/40/20/20 nolva

Diet: bump up cals to 4000 a day…currently at 3000

Any thoughts or comments are appreciated?

Hows the Adex and HCG schedule look?

Was thinking on pinning with 28 gauge 1" or slin pins…? anyone have problems going that small…?