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Test E/Cyp, Eq, and Proviron Cycle Log

Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster. I’ve been reading these forums on and off for the past 2 years and finally decided to jump in and make a post. I’m currently 1 month into my second AAS cycle. The first cycle I did consisted of test cyp 500mg 2x per week with adex 1mg capsules (I know this is a high dose but they’re all that was available) 2x per week for AI. I added 50mg anavar at the end and was at 196ib 8% bf. I did pct of hcg and clomid and recovered really well, there was a brief time of low energy but libido was still decent during and after pct. it was a great first cycle. Fast forward to 14 months later and I finally gave into the itch again to do another cycle.

My stats are currently
31 years old
13% body fat
4 to 5x per week training
I work as a personal trainer at a gym so working out isn’t a issue I’m currently doing a 4 day split with cardio 3 x per week. My current macro goals(I’m not perfect with these but this is what I shoot for)
1.5 G protein per ib of body weight
1.5 G carb per ib of body weight
.5 g fat per ib of body weight
I meal prep my meals and prepare food in advance for the week,

My current cycle looks like this
Week 1-4200 mg test e / cyp blend 2x per week (400mg total)
200 mg Eq
Week 4-8( current) I’ve added proviron 25mg to what I listed above
I just got my bloods back last week my e2 was >5 but my dr did not run the sensitive test. I have zero signs of low E. I’ve cut down on my AI( 1mg adex 2 x per week) I’m only taking it once every 5 days currently until I feel the need or go do bloods again.

Currently I’m feeling great, libido is up, strength has gone up. Intensity in the gym is way up. Starting to lean out, muscle is looking harder. Looking forward to the next 12 weeks.
I’m going to post my blood work as well. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated. If there any other info I should post let me know! I just want to learn more and stay accountable by tracking this cycle and getting feed back


Interested. I plan on running test E/ EQ @ 500/500 with proviron. I was told EQ can crash E2 lmk how it works out for you

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EQ has crashed some folks estrogen so that in addition to such a high dose of anastrozole could end badly. Your estrogen is literally crashed right now. You likely wouldn’t need any anastrozole on 400mg of T even without the EQ. EQ is usually run for longer cycles so you running it for 4 weeks isn’t ideal. You shouldn’t run hcg during PCT.

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I plan on running eq for 16 weeks along with test and proviron.I was planning on cutting the eq out 2 to 4 weeks before my last pin of test to let it clear out of my system. I ran hcg for pct with clomid last time but could also get some and run it during cycle, what is your recommendation? 250iu 2x per week? How long on and how long off for hcg when you run it during cycle? Do you just run it thru ? I’ve seen and heard a lot of mixed opinions on it. I don’t think I was completely clear on how long I plan to cycle. Also I’d be apt to agree with you on eq dropping e2 levels. Granted I did a regular e2 test and not the sensitive test. I’ve cut the adex out for the last 6 days and have felt great. Also with that lab, I had taken 1mg adex 24 hours before I went and got my blood drawn.

Here is a picture of the start of the cycle.

Update… I cut out the adex and have been feeling great in the gym. Lots of energy, quick recovery time. The program I’m currently following is a 4 day split. Rest time is 45 seconds to 1 minute this week the rep range is 9-11 last week it was 12 to 15
Day 1 Chest tris and calf’s
Day 2 Back bis and abs
Day 3 cardio/active rest
Day 4 shoulder traps and calf’s
Day 5 legs and abs
Day 6 cardio/active rest
Day 7 rest
I’ve locked down my diet and prepped all my meals for this week
Currently my diet looks like this
Meal 1- 2 packet Quaker oats + protein shake and a apple
Meal 2- 6 oz chicken
1 and 1/2 cup brown rice
Meal 3- 6 oz salmon 1 cup rice
Meal 4 - 2 scoop protein shake with creatine and glutamine post workout.
Meal 5 - 6 oz ribeye 1 cup mixed veggies 1 cup mash potatoes
Meal 6 2 piece whole grain bread 2 tbs peanut butter
Meal 7 2 85% lean burger paddies

I need to add the macros up but this is what I’ve been doing this week. I’ve been having a hard time gaining so far in the past 30 days I’ve gone from 175 to 184. I’m on week 5 of my cycle and looking to gain another 16 over the next 11 weeks. I would really love to break 200 for the first time, the highest I’ve been before is 196. I don’t want to be a soft 200, I eventually want to be around 10% at that weight. Currently I’m at 13% body fat. I’m open to any suggestion or advice anyone has.


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Did a weigh on in today and I’m headed in the right direction

Feeling really good in the gym, did cardio this morning and felt like I could of kept going. Energy and endurance are up. The eq seems to be kicking in, also have been eatting quite a bit more. I’m not ravenously hungry but the appetite increase is deff there. Will keep updating

Regarding training

Whilst the amount of times per week a muscle is hit doesn’t appear to matter that much, the amount of sets per week (volume) does

How many sets are you currently getting per muscle group within each workout

Granted each individual is different, what works for one may not work for another. This is a general consensus regarding what current data implicates is optimal.


For a leg day eight sets three times a week would trigger almost the same level of growth compared to 24 sets once weekly

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Usually on compound movements like squats or flat bench I do 4 sets and then with the other exercises I do 3 sets. I would say on average for each workout I do 24 to 28 sets total per workout. I also do workout to muscle failure on all sets within my rep range for that week with a rest pause at the end of the last set on each exercise. Last week I was doing 12 to 15 reps this week it’s 9 to 11 next week it’ll be 5 to 8 then the following week 3 to 5. I like to cycle rep ranges to shock the muscle each week.

I don’t know if it doesn’t matter. For my experience training at least 2 times a week up to 3 times is much more effective than once.
I also highly doubt that you can perform 24 sets (quality sets) in one day. Not even on an arm day.

So you have some updates for us? Really interested how the cycle finished!