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Test E/Cyp + Deca + Var Cycle



I am planning on starting a test, deca, var cycle and would like opinions regarding the dosages and possible ancillaries and supporting supplements I might be missing.
Main goal of the cycle is to gain mass and strength while keeping body fat as low as possible. I have ran 2 oral cycles before and have realized how far from ideal such cycles are.

I am currently at 5’10 190lbs approximately 12-15% but will be working on getting leaner for a couple months before I start this cycle.

The cycle would be 8 weeks long with the same dosages throughout the whole cycle. The layout would be:

Test E @250mg/week
Deca @250mg/week
Var @50mg ED
Aromasin @12.5mg ED throughout the whole cycle and the PCT

PCT would start about 7-14 days after the last injection and am planning on taking both Nolva and Clomid in the regular dosages (100mg clomid + 40mg nolva on week 1, half that amount on weeks 2-4)
Also planning on taking supplements both for liver health and cholesterol levels.

Please let me know if you have any input or questions that might be of any help. Thanks a lot


Have you used steroids before? If so, what?

8 weeks isn’t long enough for a cycle if you’re including deca, and you also can’t start pct that soon after the cycle when using deca, because the ester is so long. You could either: raise the test to 500 or more per week, and drop the deca, and still do an 8 week cycle. OR you could do a 12 week cycle at these doses. I wouldn’t runt he var the whole time though. I’d go with the first 4 weeks and the last 4 weeks for that if you make the cycle longer.

Also, you shouldn’t be using clomid and nolva together. just use nolva. AAAAAND your doses are too high. use nolva at 20/20/10/10/5. those are daily doses for each week, starting 3 weeks after your last pin.


Thank you! Will make the cycle 12 weeks long then and do var in the beginning and the end.

My first two cycles were only orals, I know they were pretty stupid but was way too scared of the needles. Have only done winny and var so far.

Anything else I might be missing? As in ancillaries or any other cycle support?


While I’d recommend 500mg test & 250mg deca, regardless of the dosage I’d strongly suggest to run the test 2 or more weeks longer than the deca. If you increase the test to 500mg then you could drop to 250mg the last 2 weeks (without deca) or just stay with 250mg the whole time and 2 weeks past deca. So test 12, deca 10 or test 14, deca 12.

The var I would run 2 weeks past test and straight up to pct. You can split 4wks at the beginning and 4-6 at the end, but I’d just run 6 weeks at the end- really if you got 100tabs I’d just hit it for 50days (2 a day) at the end.

If you run 250mg test then start pct 2 weeks later, if you run 500mg+ then you could wait 3 weeks, but I’d just start the same and increase pct by a week.


Ok, so I made a new outline of the cycle and it now looks like

W1-4: Test 250mg/week Deca 250mg/week Var 50mg/ed
W5-10: Test 250mg/week Deca 250mg/week
W11-12: Test 250mg/week Deca 250mg/week Var 50mg/ed
W13-14: Test 250mg/week Var 50mg/ed
W15-16: Var 50mg/ed
W17-18: Nolva 20mg/ed
W19-20: Nolva 10mg/ed
W21: Nolva 5mg/ed
Plus the aromasin which would run W1-21 at 12.5mg/ed

Does this look better?


Looks really good.
Only thing I’d change is to taper down your exemestane dose after your test is over and come off it before pct is done (I’d cut it in half and stop at week 16), I’d also skip the var at the beginning personally but that’s up to you and doesn’t matter. The ideal is to recover with balance and as little crash as possible. An arbitary example is that during cycle you’re reducing your estrogen as much as it’s increased, then you’re reducing it more than its increased while the test clears and you start recovery, then your estrogen raises back to normal (as you were supressing already lower levels with exemestane ran til the end) - no sense in yo-yo’ing your estrogen imo.


So 12.5mg/eod on weeks 15-16 and then cut it off after that?


If I wanted to use Anastrozole instead of Exemestane, would I need to change anything besides going from 1mg ED to .5mg ED in the last weeks?