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Test-E Cycle


hey guys,im very new to this, open to any advice, im about to start my 3rd cycle, of test e. i have 2 bottles of tren ace, was wondering if i should get another bottle or 2 and stack it with the test, looking to get gains, i cant swap the tren for deca, im not sure what to do, what do u guys think? thanks


I would run the test/tren together. I would personally wait 2-3 weeks to start the tren if running test e.

How long is your cycle planned for? With 2 bottles of Tren you have about 2 grams you could run 50/day for 40 days. Thats almost 6 weeks. If you wait 4 weeks to start the tren (start on week 5) that would make a 10 week cycle. Then run standard PCT 2 weeks later.




cheers mate, i can get 2 more bottles of tren, its /75mg. anywere between 8/12 weeks.


i cant get more test/tren, not a problem. the test is 200mg and the tren is 75mg. what would i dose that for a 10wk cycle?


Depends. The consensus is low test high tren and you'll avoid most sides but for bigger gains high test high tren.


I'm only a week in right now so early to tell but, I'm really enjoying High Test/ Lower Tren 1000mg/500mg. This is how almost everyone I know runs it however they are powerlifters and say the strength gains this way are much more noticeable than when ran Low Test/ High Tren.


I didn't run either super high, but I did run my test higher and I can tell strength gains on certain exercises were big for sure.


I don't know how much test you have but the tren at 75mg/ml means you only have 1.5g not 2. I'd get 2 more and run the tren at 50mg/day for 60 days or 75mg/day for 40. You could do what I wrote above and bump the tren to 75. Just make sure you have enough test to run the cycle.


hey, sorry ive been away, thanks for the info. id rather run the 75 a day, thats 1ml a day for 40 days right?. plan on getting alot more test e. i have 20 ml 200mg now. how much will a need to run a decent cycle?


So, I would get 3 more tren and run it at 75 a day for 50 days. I'd get 2 more test and run those at 200 EOD or 100 ED. for 10 weeks. Start your Tren on week 4. That will give you some time to get the long ester Test flowing and then just run out the supplies of each. Wait two weeks after last pin and start PCT.


sounds like a plan, thanks mate, going to run nolva for the pct.