Test E Cycle

So im going to run a test e cycle in about two weeks. This is the first injectable cycle that i will have done. So i wanted to get all the facts straight before i go into it. First off i have some gyno from a previous pro hormone cycle. So i wanted to get that out of the way. My guy told me To run letro at 1 mg ed for 7 days, drop the dose to .5mg for 3 days, then drop it to .25 for the last three days. Then to start my cycle of test e 250mg/ml for 8 weeks (2 viles).

While on the test take arimadex at .25-.50 EOD until the end of my cycle. Then two weeks after the last pin take the torem as my pct. Im worried about my sex drive and gyno after this is all said and done because of the bad experiance with the prohormone. Does this cycle seem like the way to go? And how is the pct supposed to be properly dosed at?

Don’t expect to gain much doing 250mg per week.

Don’t expect to gain much doing 250mg per week.*

How much should i be taking to gain some the most?

You could try letro to rid the gyno and letro should be tapered up as well then taper down.

And 8 weeks at 250mg ain’t gonna do shit.

My advice, do more research. Research beginner cycles, AIs, serms, hcg, and pct. your guy is an idiot