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Test E Cycle with Dbol Kick Start

As stated above I have quite abit of Test E an DBol stockpiled and would just like a suggestion or two on best way to run it.

I have
2x 250mg/ml 20ml vials
4x 250mg/ml 10ml vials
200 10mg DBol Tabs
50 50mg Dbol Tabs
And plenty of Nolva.

My question is I wanna break it up into two cycles I could easily run 16 weeks at 600mg a week of test and kick start with 40-60 mg of dbol for fiesta 4 weeks. Obviously PCT would be nolva and have some Arimidex on hand if needed as well.

Does this ok. I have searched a few different forums over and over and have not really seen many run longer than 12 weeks. Is 16 pushing it or would I becbetter off upping the dose to say 750mg and shorten the cycles up a bit.

Personally if i was to run 16 weeks I would include something else with the test like EQ or something, for me I would do 10-12 weeks at 750mg a week with the dbol