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Test E Cycle: What Else to Take On Cycle and for PCT?

Going to start a cycle shortly. Did one before a few months back. Question is on Test-E 8-12 weeks cycle at 500mg a week, what should I take as an on cycle with it also what is recommended for a post cycle. I’m only taking Test-E nothing more. Thank y’all!

I’m a B&C guy. But I know the cycle experts will have the below questions for you, at a minimum.

Pic would be nice
How did first cycle go? What were gains? Did you experience any sides? Did you take anything other than the 500 TE?
What did you take for first PCT? How did it go?
Any on-cycle labs to share?

Are you asking if you need an AI or SERM then?

Asking if I need anything at all, can you just take test 250 and be fine? Or would you recommend taking something with it. Not going for any crazy size, just trying to improve strength and endurance for personal goals.