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Test E Cycle, Timing & Dose of Additional Supplements

I am running a Test E cycle. I am doing a kind of hybrid recomp cycle. I want to put on at least 10 lbs but I want it to be lean but my focus is on strength. My diet is good and I have experience with prohomones in the past. I have done cycles of a tren, epi, halo, some DHEA’s from P.P. and Trestolone (my favorite) over the past 10 years. I took a year off and decided to go to the real gear this time, but I have some left overs that I want to burn through and I wanted some advice on how to stack them.

Here is what I am currently running, 2 weeks in so far. Will run for 12 weeks total, at least:

-Test E 250mg every 5 days
-Cycle Assist
-Fish oil
-Whey Protein
-Amazing Grass- Greens

For PCT I have Clomid and Torem and haven’t decided if I should run one of the other or both. What do you guys think?

Here is what I have on hand. Which ones would you stack, and when?
Phytoserm 347x
Ruthless Transderm
BPS Sustain Alpha (thinking PCT)
Cardarine Liquid
Ostarine Liquid
A bottle of Havoc (epi)
Creatine Mono

I was thinking of adding HCgenerate or Phytoserm347x during cylce and one during PCT. The only real difference in the 2 is that Phytoserm347 has DAA. I heard that DAA can actually hinder your jumpstart in PTC and cause shutdown but there are conflicting opinions out there.
I was also thinking of adding Havoc( I have one bottle) at some time during cycle but I do not know when.
Same with the RS transderm, but maybe I will wait for different cycle for this. I have1/2 of this bottle left.

Sustain Alpha, Post cycle, right?

I do not know if I should add cardarine on cycle or post or maybe towards end of cycle and bridge it into post?

Ostarine I do not want to risk shutdown if I take in PCT and I do not know much about it on cycle so I unless somebody knows better, I will probably wait until net time.

Creatine, I think after PCT.

Extremestane I have just in case my nips start to flare. But if you have any other advice on how to take this, let me know.

Any and all advice and recommendation is welcomed. Thank you so much.