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Test E Cycle Only

Do any of you have any suggestions on doing a Test e cycle only? I am open for suggestions on cycling!! I’m thinking of doing a 2.5cc biweekly for 6-8weeks. What do you think about stacking with ephedra. Trying to get some clen!!Thats taking longer then desired…

Thanks to all…

need some more info about you. and your aas history.

You’re more than welcome to read the newbie thread and the cycle planning thread at the top of the page.

A test only cycle is fine but you are leaving out important parts of the puzzle.

I have been training off and on since about 96 since the Marine’s…I’m 6’5" 265 31yrs old…I have read the newbie thread and it has vast amounts of info. Mainly with stacks not just test alone, unless I missed something. I have done cycles with Deca, sust 250, debol and clen. Which I know is not aas. Those were the days when money was more available. I was 20 something not married and no kids.

I just remember the deca and the sust made my joints and over all well being so much better…I’m just curious if I can achieve decent results off just a test cycle and ephedra or clen when I can get it. thanks for the input. It’s been awhile so I�??m a little rusty and have to re-educate myself. Thank God there is T-Nation…

id go with bread and butter, if you want to keep it simple. not expensive either.

Well sustanon is test. You just inject it more frequently than E.

What will you be doing for estrogen control and PCT?

Test only would be great for you. Especially if you haven’t cycled in a long time.

Sounds like you are looking to cut a little? What do you want to accomplish with this cycle?

Here’s what I’d do, which is a simple, effective way:

weeks 01-10 1cc twice a week (for this you will need 2 vials and would be 500-600mg/week)

weeks 01-12 .25mg everyday

weeks 13-16 20mg everyday (might run it to week 18?)

Use the Ephedrine through-out you cycle, but especially weeks 13+ during the PCT period to keep drive up as well as all of the perks from the B2-A. I don’t enjoy Clen much at all and would prefer and suggest Albuterol instead or even ephedrine, some do like Clen though.