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Test E Cycle Looks Good?


going to try and keep this short. Had a real elaborate first cycle planned out but was advised to stick to one compound for a start and then build off of that in the future based on how i responded. So basically im going to run the most basic cycle as my first just to see how i react. Running a winter bulk starting in November and it looks like this:

Weeks 1-10 Test E 250mg x 2 per week- .5mg Adex EOD

Week 11 and 12 nothing.

Week 13 starting pct clomid 300mg day 1 followed by 100mg a day. Nolva 40mg ed
Week 14 clomid 100mg Nolva 40mg ed
Week 15 clomid 50mg nolva 20 mg ed
Week 16 clomid 50 mg nolva 20 mg ed.

Hows it look? one concern i have is that a test only seems to be hit or miss as far as holding onto gains. not sure how everyone feels towards this but ive seen ppl hold all gains made losing only water while others lose 75% of gains made while on. Also would like some recommendations on what would be a good compound to add to test e (assuming all goes well) for a possible summer cycle. Thanks


too much clomid..

I dont even reccommend using it.. 40/40/20/20 with nolva should be fine.

cycle looks good other than that, id advise either frontload or adding an oral for the first 4-5 weeks. (Dbol or winstrol)

also you should use adex until the start of pct.


is it ok to run clomid and nolva though? ive seen alot of ppl saying they see best recovery when combining the 2 together. maybe something like this:

Nolva, 40,20,20,20
Clomid 100,75,50,25?


I wouldn't use clomid over 50mg at a time, but that's just me.

You can use both at the same time, but I think you will find that clomid makes you extremely emotional.


in general, clomid is better for jump starting your system. for a cycle that minor though 40/40/20/20 of nolva should be more than adequate and any clomid on top would just be extra.

maybe i have it easier than most, but when i ran clomid i got a little acne, thats it. ive heard of emotional issues and hairloss as well tho


from my experience with nolva with the past i am not fully recovering. ive ran liquid nolva after my 2 prohormone cycles and it was decent but took a little longer to bring the boys back if u know what i mean. thought clomid would be great to add because it stimulates your boys to start up again. open for discussion though. im definitly set on running nolva and clomid as pct. can someone give me an average dosage for each


20mg nolvadex per day


According to William L. 20mg is the maximum effective dosage of nolva for restarting the HPTA, anything after that serves as a form of "estrogen control" to prevent gynecomastia.

The average dose of clomid is 50mg I believe