Test E Cycle Ideas?


I was wondering you all would be able to give me some insight about a test cycle if by itself or stacked with maybe anavar.

So currently my stats below -

Weight 153kg
Height is 6’4
Current body fat% 29.1%
Total lean mass is 108.6kg

My diet is failing in some areas but ok in other areas which I will fix. I’m wanting to of course gain lean muscle but drop at least 30kg of fat.

Training For 3 years, 6 days a week 1 half hours or more.

Tried a six week only Anavar cycle previous made a few improvements but not much. Anyone got any suggestions besides my diet as that will be greatly on par shortly.

Gdo what I’m doing 16 weeks test E and EQ 500mg a week then proviron stacked in the last 8 . Eat clean

You dont need steroids, you need to diet and exercise. Not trying to be mean, but your BF% is much too high to gamble with steroids.

Get below 20% on your own. Then consider it.

I would get labs done to check test levels and make sure you’re 100% healthy.

Best of luck. The risks of cycling aren’t worth it for what you’re trying to do at the moment. IMO.


Have you had your baseline blood work taken? TT, FT, E2, FSH, LH, SHBG.

The best stack for you is a lot of reps with fork put-downs and table push-aways. At 29% bf you will be absolutely miserable if you run a cycle. You are nowhere near ready from a physical standpoint. Your diet is failing in all areas. Don’t kid yourself. You don’t get to 29% bf by eating too much broccoli and skinless chicken. (Trust me, I used to be that fat and it wasn’t because my diet was good in any place)

Get the diet sorted out. Stick to it for a while. See some results. Then tweak it some more. Keep at it until you hit ~18%. At that point you’ll know exactly what works for you and what doesn’t. Then when you start a cycle you’ll have tremendous success because you’ll have worked out all the variables. Give yourself the best chance of succeeding by starting from the right place.


Hey @natesog2409

I know it’s not what you want to hear but I agree with @iron_yuppie. You need to have your workouts and diet dialed in to make the best use of AAS.

Forgot to ask… Age? If you’re an aging male and struggling to lose weight you may be a TRT candidate. That’s why I recommended getting labs which are a good idea regardless before starting any regimen.


I’m 39. Last bloods where perfect. Don’t think I had a test check tho but everything else was spot on.

Test, Free Test, E2, SHBG, all of those should be checked. Your doctor likely won’t check unless you request it.

Another thing I should prop add is not sure if I’m reading my body scan prop. Al ot post say Bf% is high but to look at me you wouldn’t think so.

But deft agree with the whole changing the eating plan.

Will get all that in check and come back to it.

Post a pic with no face in it. You’ll get honest feed back.

The weight is only around my lower stomach other then that see above.

Def look in the 25% + range for BF from the photo but you carry it well. Its also hard to tell in all black clothes. You look to have a good bit of muscle too so you’re not skinny fat which is the worst. You probably have adequate T and its more a diet thing from the looks of you but that’s an assumption without labs.