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Test E Cycle For Football?

Hey guys, I’ve been reading T-nation for a couple of years now and I decided to make an account on here and ask a couple questions. I’ve read other posts similar to what this is going to be like, but here I go. I’m an upperclassman in high school and a football player on the line. I know the use of anabolic steroids and others performance-enhancing drugs are illegal and would get me banned and in trouble. But my season just ended and I’m currently training for my next season. I’m a heavy set guy with quite decent lifts except for bench. My DL is 455, my squat is 425, my PC is 265, but my bench is only 235, I’m also not that fast. I have been lifting for 4 years have good nutrition in regards to quality, but to be on the line I have to be heavy. my goal is to get faster, stronger, and more athletic in the game within a short period of time; the offseason (I have only two seasons for exp.). I also know I would also have a higher chance of side effects like gyno and etc. due to my heavyweight, but with being heavier I am also more likely to have a lower T level than others teens in their prime time. I don’t have access to blood work, so I know that is a big issue. If it is an absolute necessity (as I said I don’t know much) before and after, I will have to figure out how to do it. My plan would be a 6-week cycle of test E, and probably at 400mg a week (pin twice a week, 200mg), I also know I will need to be active with AI and estrogen blockers (I’m heavy). I’m open to everyone’s opinions even if you strongly disagree with my plan. I’m not going to be a complete ignorant fool and not listen to anyone, because I know I don’t know everything, in fact I know quite a little. I’ve been reading a lot, but I haven’t found any articles that tell me every side effect, or what exactly I should be doing. I know also that I will need PCT. All I know is the basics of what is often used like Nolvadex, but I don’t know what for exactly (just bringing back Test production?)and at what proportions especially for my body weight. So even if you can just reply with a link I would appreciate it and will thoroughly read it. I hope you guys don’t find my curiosity stupid.

You are not ready for steroids. Stop looking for short cuts. Go do a few months of studying everything you need to know.

Signs of high E2? PCT? Low E2? Half lifes? Blood work before during and after cycles? Which ester might be best for you?

Curiosity is not stupid. Using gear at your age is stupid. Get into the gym more, eat more, eat cleaner.

You seem to have a good idea of the basics. I would stretch the cycle more like 10 weeks. Your dose seems good. Make sure you have the clomid on hand for pct and some arimidex just in case you get estrogen sides. Here is my biggest advice…no matter what, you come off and stay off for time on=time off. Most guys have a hard time with this and jump back early and that’s when you have problems. Cycling can be done healthy enough when done right. Guys are going to berate you for your age, and they are kinda right. But you are an adult and do what you feel is best.

He’s not an adult. He is still a teenager that has just enough information to get him in trouble. Under the age of 18 shouldn’t even be considering gear let alone advising him on it.

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You’ve been reading up for a couple of years and don’t already know why you need PCT, that a 6 week cycle of Test E is too short to be worth it, can’t find articles on side effects (a simple google search will do this), can’t find articles on proper cycles (again, google)? You’re definitely not ready. Add to the fact that you’re a teenager and have the highest naturally producing testosterone you’ll ever have, which will get shut down when you go on steroids.

Curiosity is a great thing and I’m glad you asked before doing something so stupid as going on steroids with your limited knowledge and youth. Do you want to risk living the rest of your life with a broken dick just for highschool football?

My recommendation, get your diet in check and stay very strict. Go to the gym every day and put in that hard work.

A 235 lbs bench is not weak, most guys in the gym will never bench that much; but if you really want to bring it up learn about different bench techniques and maybe get a coach that specializes in powerlifting.

Stay away from the steroids for as long as you can.

My bench 1rm is around 200lb, I consider myself to be very weak in gym standards

Also I’m pretty sure op is around 16-18 if he’s in high school, if he doesn’t have a shot at going pro or isn’t on TRT Id reccomend staying away from AAS for the timebeing. Also being overweight and using AAS puts a lot more strain on the body than a normal person using. Sorry for the short and abrupt reply I have exams so I’m just having a bit of a derp as a break

gear totally unnecessary at your age. Are you projected to make Division 1 ball/ scholarship even??
Anyway use the strategies off this site and numbers will jump up fast. Do one of these…

(Click red tittle to get thread/whole program…)


Check out his log under Alpha in training logs section also

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I have already been offered some, but I would like to make it to a big school, thats why I was asking. Thanks for the advice though. I’ll follow that.

This will probably end up being one of your biggest regrets in life. Train hard make it to your college then consider this option later in college if you have the potential to make it big. If you insist and do it anyways run the cycle 10 weeks, get your A.I. and Pct BEFORE you start cycle. And Id highly recommend getting your labs before so you have an idea where you started at vs where you end up at post cycle. Here’s another thought you could very well fuck your self to the point that in order to keep gains or gaining etc you have to keep cycling thru college which can be tricky depending on where you go to play ball at. Don’t just think about the now consider the next 4+ years and decide if it’s really worth it

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