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Test-E Cycle (First Cycle)

I was going to run
week 1-8 400mg And Nova for 40mg ED weeks 10-13
and I would also have some extra nova on hand for sides.
Is the length of this cycle enough, and will HCG be needed (Have herd conflicting stories)

8 weeks is a little short. You shouldn’t need HGC.

would 12 weeks suffice, and would I have to then use HCG

12 weeks would be very nice man, especially if u boosted the dosage to 500mg per week which is kind of what everyone seems to be doing, and i haven’t read anywhere saying HCG is a must for any cycle, it helps thats all. Anyone care to prove my thought wrong about HCG or please clarify?

No need for the hcg. Run it for 12. No need to run the nolva any more than 20mg/day after the first week.

I did some more needed research I know plan to do

weeks 1-10 500mg test-E
Week 11 300mg
week 12 200mg
week 13 40mg nova ED
week 14 20mg nova ED
week 15 20mg nova ED

Hey sorry dont mean to hi jack the thread I’m running 350 of test e and have armidex in stand by just Incase and hcg for pct do you think there’s any reason to run the hcg during and do you think clomid or nolva is a must have for pct or is hcg and the good?

@thatguy1. This is an 11 year old thread!?! Make a new one if you have a question.