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Test E Cycle Dosages


Hi everyone just need advice ive just started a cycle of Test E alone as its my 1st cycle and just wondering on dosages should i take it 500mg a week split into to 2 shots a week for 8 or 12weeks???

or my mate that has done cycles before told take 750mg a week split into 3 shots monday, wednsday and friday for 8 to 10weeks???

or another friend that has done cycles said do 750mg first two weeks then 500mg last 6 to 8 weeks???

but ive done research and i cant find anything that they said on any forums all i have found is the first cycle i said 500mg for 12 weeks i dont even think 8 weeks is long enough????

please help but please dont say get get your diet right stats and do more research first just simple answer which cycle would be a good start for novice or ven if my mates are right in what they are saying

THANKZ Much appreciated for help


Hey brother!

Good to hear you’re going with a Test only cycle - you may want to consider even throwing in a Dianabol kickstart. 0.25mg Adex EOD would be a safe protocol but I got away without needing one at 500mg/week.

But yep, minimum 10 weeks, I’d push for 12 because results won’t really kick in till around week 5-6, hence the suggested Dianabol kick start (30-40mg/day, weeks 1-4). Test E you’ll only need to shoot twice per week as its a longer ester - three times will just cause unnecessary site injection pain.

500mg is ideal, I’ve run up to 750mg but found there was no real benefit or different. I’ve also ran up to 1g for a few weeks and can tell you I got better results on 500-750mg and felt much better, but if you decide to up the dose make sure you place a greater emphasis on the Adex.

I’d personally suggest:
Weeks 1-4: 30-40mg Dianabol/day
Weeks 1-12: 500mg Test E/week
Weeks 1-13: 0.25mg Adex/EOD
Week 14: 0.125mg Adex/EOD
Weeks 15-18: 20mg Nolva/day

Even throw DAA in there around PCT (3g a day). Depending on how easily your body bounces back, this should be ideal - I recovered far more quickly than I thought I would and lost next to nothing post cycle - although I did put on fat. If all goes to plan you’ll love the cycle and the results just as I did. Good luck


maybe check the date a thread was posted before you reply to it next time, cowboy