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Test E Cycle, Do I Run Adex?

Basically , people say do run it and people say dont. This is my first test e cycle, i also have very low bf. I have no idea how my body is going to react although i do remember i got slight gyno during puberty. However when i was an idiot i ran dbol only cycle and got no e2 sides!! So should i keep adex on hand and run if only high e2 when symptoms appear ? If so how much and eod or what? or run it thru entire cycle. Hm thru entire cycle? Thanks

Not enough info, such as dosing, to give you the best answer.

Some require adex on as little as 125mg test e – I did as it made my blood pressure skyrocket. Eventually it normalized and I cut back though.

Sometimes now with low bf, I don’t feel as if I need adex on 500mg. However, gyno is not the only negative side effect of high estrogen. Your mood will change and you’ll retain water, causing BP to go up.

I prefer aromasin over adex now cause my body seems to respond better at much lower levels than the 22 target most shoot for. Additionally, dosing once a day, I don’t get the ups and downs I was feeling with adex.

age: younger than you would recommend :stuck_out_tongue:
161 lbs
idk my bf but its very very low
400mg test/wk
clomid pct

back to the originnal question though, should I wait for sides or should i just take it right away

Age: I’m not one to bash about this. Being prior military, I was an adult at 18 and as a libertarian, nobody has the right to tell me what not to do with my body. I would’ve started much younger as well.

You should start at 0.25mg adex on the morning of each shot. Keep Nolva on hand for gyno that may spring up. If that occurs, and you’re not one to check bloods to confirm high estrogen, work up to 0.5mg. At that dose, 0.5mg should be enough, and 0.25 might as well if you’re an over responder. Some are fine at 1mg but that killed my estro on 250mg x 2.

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okay so even my very first pin im taking .25mg adex?

To make it easy, that’s what I did as the test will start to aromatize.

You should always manage E2 levels. Elevated E2 will most always lead to higher SHBG and more non-bioavailable SHBG+T. Elevated E2 may lead to grains of rice breast tissue even if not outwardly obvious. Elevated E2, still normal range, will impact libido, sexual function, mood, energy and can make a guy bitchy and intolerant. You need to think about an optima result from your cycle instead of black/white gyno distinctions.

Yes, E2 does affect fat distributions. And E2 interferes with FT at T receptors and E2 promotes gene expression that opposes what you want from increased T driven gene expression.

You not having issues on a dbol only cycle has very little bearing on this cycle. You can use it as a reference but without knowing dosage, length, age and other factors then it really just doesn’t matter.
A long ester chain test cycle is completely different than an oral only cycle.

I have said this before, maybe it is just me being an old war veteran but I don’t want to risk a possible problem if I can avoid it with the intelligent application of knowledge.

Yes absolutely use an AI. Some people don’t even bother because they never show signs but that doesn’t mean they are not affected negatively by the increased estrogen. At the very least the increased estrogen will work against you gaining muscle.

You don’t have to start taking the AI the very first day but you aromatase enzymes will increase within a few day of the shot and they are how your body breaks the test down into estrogen. So within the first few days is VERY advisable.

At 400 mgs a week of my brand of test with my brand of arimidex I would start with 0.25 mgs EOD but would have to increase it by week 4-5. I know I end up having to go to 0.5 mgs EOD at 500 mgs a week. The reason for switching my dosage level in this response is I want you to understand I have never ran a cycle of just 400 mgs of test a week except my very first cycle and I never quite got my AI dialed in exactly on that cycle. My second cycle was 500 mgs a week of a different brand of test and even then I didn’t quite have it dialed and timed perfectly.

Go look up all the signs of high estrogen and signs of low estrogen. Each person (at least it’s like this with me) tends to remember the signs that they show the most. For example I show water retention and blood pressure from high estrogen so I use those as my markers.

Also remember as you are dialing this AI in that it takes a few days for your body to react to a new dosage level and it takes a few more days for some signs to reverse.

You will probably have to go higher than 0.25 mgs EOD at 400 a week. Arimidex has a three day half life. If you decide you need to go higher I would not jump right to 0.5 mgs EOD. Let’s say your two week dosage schedule is like this mon, wed, Fri, sun, Tuesday, thu, sat. If 0.25 is not enough I would try upping the dosage on ONLY Mon, Fri, Tuesday, sat. It’s not quite a perfect solution but going straight to 0.5 mg EOD is probably going to crush you estrogen at 400 mgs a week.

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