Test E Cycle Depression

I’ve been reading T nation forums for sometime but just joined so take it easy on me guys.


Ran 3 test cycles but came out with mood swings and need some input.

Latest cycle ran test e at 500mg a week for 12 weeks. 5 weeks into my cycle I had blood work done. T levels were 2500 and E2 was 69 my Dr stated my E2 was high and to increase my arimidex to 1mg everyday. Before I was running 1mg every 3 days. Anyway I came down with sever mood swings (mood swings as in emotional) and depression and I’ve never had that before on test. Sex drive was good energy was great my joints didn’t hurt but I had bad depression. Idk why, never experienced this on any other cycles. Did I crash my E2? Also all other cycles I’ve only ran 250mg and finally stepped it up this cycle. Was the Dr wrong was 69 for my E2 ok?

that’s not high e2 at all for your total t levels …… drop your dr !!!


Here’s my E2 during TRT. Mine is higher than yours year-round and I feel great. The numbers are there just to give you a snapshot to go by. They should be used in conjunction with symptoms. Symptoms having priority over the number.

High # + no symptoms = no AI

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There should be an article pinned to the board telling people to not use AI. Why did you jump from 250 to 500mg test ? I’d have thought you could make decent gains on 350 with patience, training, and good diet . . . . much more keepable gains.
At 500 mg test, i’d be not worried about estrogen (which is probably beneficial re joint lubrication, anabolic effect etc) but be more bothered by excess bloat, reflux, elevated pulse, blood pressure.