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Test-E Cycle Critique


I'd appreciate any comments about this cycle:

Week 1 - 10: Test-E @ 250mgs E3D
Week 1 - 10: Nolvadex @ 20mgs ED

Week 11 - 12: Test-E @ 20mgs E3D
Week 12 - 14: HCG @ 250iu ED
Week 10 - 14: Aromasin @ 25mgs ED
Week 10 - 16: Nolvadex @ 20mgs ED

Thank you.


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Thanks for the comments. They help a lot. Below is my modified cycle:

Week 1 - 10: Test-E @ 250mgs E3D
Week 1 - 10: A'dex @ .5mg EOD
Week 1 - 14: HCG @ 250iu E3D
Week 11 - 14: Test-E @ 50mgs E3D
Week 15/16/17/18: Test-E @ 40/30/20/10 mgs E3D
Week 11 - 20: Nolvadex @ 20mgs ED

I have a couple of specific questions, since I'm new to this, and want to understand these chemicals:

  • Why is it preferable to switch from A'dex to Nolvadex at the end of a cycle? (What makes A'dex better during the cycle, and Nolvadex better at the end?)
  • Is week 14 too early to stop HCG?
  • Since I'm running HCG throughout, can I shorten the time of the homeostasis-period / test taper? (If not, what's the point of using HCG at all?)

Thank you.


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Awesome post Bushy.

I learned a crapload just from that.


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That cycle is not a good one in my opinion. You have one androgen at a moderate dose and 2 different anti-estrogens? That doesn't make much sense. I think you'd get much better results doubling the test for half the time and get rid of that taper, it's a waste of good test. You can run HCG and continue nolvadex from weeks 4 to 7 and then come off.

Don't over complicate your cycle. You're running one androgen. If you are going to shut down your natural production make it worth it. Run test-e and nolvadex. Save the rest for another day. Just 'cause you have it doesn't mean you have to use it.


Ok, here's the latest revision. I guess it's sort of a taper/pct hybrid. (I think that's what I'm most comfortable with, since traditional pct has worked for a long time, but people also seem to be reporting good results with prisoner's test taper.)

Week 1 - 10: Test-E @ 500mgs/week
Week 11 - 14: Test-E @ 100mgs/week
Week 15 - 18: Test-E @ 80/60/40/20mgs/week

Week 1 - 12: HCG @ 250iu E3D
Week 1 - 10: A'dex @ .5mg EOD
Week 11 - 20: Nolvadex @ 20mgs ED

Bushy, thanks, I learned a lot from your posts.

One of your posts raised an additional question: Can HCG increase libido for someone who is already running test-E (as opposed to tren or deca)? Wouldn't someone on test-E already have such great libido that HCG wouldn't make a difference?


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Good points! In the schedule below, I delayed the Nolva and extended the A'dex for a couple of weeks (worried about gyno, since test levels should still be high for a week or two after week 10, i presume). Thanks a lot!

Week 1 - 10: Test-E @ 500 mgs/week
Week 11 - 14: Test-E @ 100 mgs/week
Week 15 - 18: Test-E @ 80/60/40/20 mgs/week

Week 1 - 12: HCG @ 250iu E3D
Week 1 - 12: A'dex @ .5mg EOD
Week 16 - 20: Nolvadex @ 20mgs ED


Im wandering if its going to be necessary to run the HCG as early and as long as you are? Im guessing this is a first cycle, if not please correct me, and if so I think you should wait and see how the test affects you personally. I know when I run it at 500mg/wk my libido is very spiked and I usually dont notice any serious atrophy until around week 8 or 9.

Ive also found I respond very well to low doses of HCG very quickly, as far as reversing atrophy. Everyone one responds a little different and I think it is important to have ancillary drugs on hand but add them to your cycle in a very sequential manner as side effects dictate. This will allow you to be more in tune with how your body reacts to certain drugs in the future.


Nolvadex is hardly what anyone would consider an "anti-estrogen" by orthodox definition.

Doubling the dosage for half the time will ultimately be hardly "worth it." It's safe to say that there would be little drastic improvement, as there is a limited rate at which skeletal muscle can heal and grow. Pumping oneself full of more AAS won't change that.

Running Test E with an AI, and saving HCG and/or Nolvadex for PCT is hardly complicated. If it were any simpler, it would be lacking. In fact, it would be stupid.


Thanks, sounds like good advice. I'll delay the HCG for at least a few weeks, to see how the test alone affects me. Is it at all risky to not run HCG, and to let ones testicles shrink? (I'm wary of harming my body's ability to produce its own testosterone, since I don't plan to keep running cycles forever.)


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