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Test E Cycle Advice

Hi guys, i need some advice. Before I begin here are some details.
Height: 1.8m / 5 feet 10
Weight: 82kg / 181 pounds

Cycle history
Started 5 years ago
5 cycles done. Have used test E, Deca, Tren E, Anavar, Dbol, not all together. Usually test E with another compound.

Current diet
2500 calories a day
Estimated ratio of micronutrients of meals
Breakfast: high protein, low carbs
Lunch: moderate protein, low carbs
Dinner: moderate protein, low carbs, will eat moderate amount of carbs if i lift weights on that day
75% clean diet

My training schedule is as follows
Monday: BJJ (1hr), weights (1hr)
Wednesday: BJJ (2hrs), metcon training (1hr)
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: BJJ (2hrs)
Saturday: BJJ (2hrs), rest break (1hr), weights (1.5hrs)
Sunday: BJJ (2hrs), metcon (1hr)

My primary aim for training is to increase my strength for brazilian jiujitsu (bjj). Hence, my weights session is a basic strength building session. 3 compound lifts for monday and 4 compound lifts for saturday, for a totaly body workout. Eg. Monday will be deadlifts, military press and pullups.

I intend to use a test E only cycle. The aim of my cycle is to help with recovery and build strength. Intended cycle is as follows:
500mg test E weekly for 12 weeks injected twice a week.

My questions are

  1. I have arimidex as an AI. The one i am using comes in 1mg capsules. For my intended cycle, how often in a week do you recommend i take the arimidex? Once every 3 days?

  2. Weights training wise, i am keeping it 2 compound lifts for 2 sessions per week. I am hesitant to increase the sessions as my focus is on bjj and not body building. How would you guys recommend i run my 2 weight training sessions per week to maximize strength gains?

  3. I also have Tbol on hand. I am hesitant to include it because i dont want to increase in size/mass/ weight. When i compete, i compete under 82kg. I have to reach a walking weight of 79kg without dehydrating the body. Would u guys recommend me adding Tbol to the mix and at what dosage per day and how long?

Much thanks to all of you for the advice and education

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1mg capsules means UGL which means who knows how accurate that dose is. That’s playing with fire. Arimidex is easy to overdose when it’s pharma. When it’s UGL and in a capsule…man that’s a lot of trust you’re putting in some guy in China.

As far as the tbol goes I say run it. You’re into BJJ, which is about as rigorous a sport as there is. Tbol was the drug of choice for East German olympians. They got strength and endurance from it and it was a major part of their training program. You can easily use a lower dose and get some benefits without gaining too much size (which as you stated is the goal). I say run it at 20mg for a few weeks and see if that’s enough to give you what you’re looking for. If not you can bump up the dose. But I’d bet that six or seven weeks at 20mg would yield some nice results in your strength and endurance without adding too much weight. Most guys want these drugs to add tons of size, so they’re disappointed in tbol. It’s not a great mass drug unless the dose is run higher. But at the lower end of the dosing range it still has some nice benefits.

Hi iron_yuppie…thanks for the advice. I especially like the managing expectations bit for Tbol. Currently my only access to ai is arimidex or nolva both by pharma. What would you recommend in my situation?