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Test E Cycle Advice?

Hi there,

I am planning to start my first cycle shortly. I am planning on taking 600mg test e per week for 12 weeks. Pct will start two weeks after last pin and last for 5 weeks tapering nova and clomid.

Im not sure what to take to handle oestrogen during cycle.

I have armidex on hand and was thinking about using 0.25mg every day.
Alternatively i could get some Proviron and use that with a lower dose armidex.

I’m not planning to use hcg on this cycle, is that a mistake?

Any advice on what to take during would be great please.

If I understand what I read properly then all HCG does is replace the FSH or LH and that is what tells the tested to produce testosterone. PCT is getting to body to start producing it’s own FSH or LH. So HCG will at least keep your boys producing but it does nothing in helping you make your body to tell your body to produce it’s own test. It helps but it isn’t required for safe cycling. You will still have to get your body to produce it’s own FSH or LH and that’s what the Nolvadex/clomid is for. Someone else that understands it more than I should chime in.

Proviron in NO WAY replaces or lowers the need for Aromatase Inhibitors! It will help you keep extra water off and helps you harden/cut that’s it. They use to use it instead of AIs but that was before they had them available.

You starting dose of 0.25 mgs EOD of arimidex is good. I know for me I would need to end up at 0.5 mgs EOD. You will have to play with it to know what dosage your body needs to keep the estrogen in check.

AIs are the only way to control the estrogen levels on cycle. SERMs simply block the estrogen from effecting certain tissues.

You stated Nolvadex and Clomid, more and more people are shying away from the stack and going to Nolvadex only. If you are emotional during PCT then it is probably clomid. There is nothing wrong with taking both as far as I know but just be conscious that some guys react to clomid.

Just so it is said, you didn’t include your stats. That has a bearing on how much AI you might need and can affect PCT.
Please cycle safe.

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Thanks very much for the info mate. I really do appreciate the solid asneers.

My stats are,
161lbs, around 9 or 10% body fat. Been training for 15 years on and off and I’m 30 years old.

Thanks for the clomid advice, I’m still going to use it but I’ll be aware and if my emotions play havock I’ll drop down to just nova.