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Test E Cycle Advice

yeah you’ll get a little vial of powder, so what you need is some bacteriostatic water to mix it with. Bac water’s easy enough to find, any peptide/research company will most likely stock it.

You need to do some pretty basic maths when you reconstitute to make sure you’re getting the 250iu per pin. I just put 2.5ml of bac water in with a 5000iu vial because anything more complicated makes mongo’s brain hurt.

When you reconstitute, it’s important you do so very slowly, letting the water run down the side of the vial. It’s quite a fragile peptide so make sure you don’t squirt the water on the actual powder. Once all your water is added, very gently swirl it around until it dissolves. It might not all dissolve immediately but left overnight in the fridge will take care of any undissolved powder.

Oh yeah, and keep it in the fridge.

As a slight aside: where in Scotland are you?

Generally the water that it is supplied with is sterile water - do not use this as it is designed for immediate use and your HCG will not last for the duration you need it to. Same goes for the solvent that it often comes with.

You need to get some bacteriostatic water and mix with this. You can also buy this online in the UK.

You then load your slin pins, put 4 weeks worth into the fridge and the rest into the freezer.

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Bloody hell my brain hurts haha! So much to take in. Just as well you guys told me I’ll need to get bac water as the stuff I’ll be supplied with will be no good as I wouldn’t have known that. writes that down . So when I buy the HCG all that will really be of any use to me is the powder?

I’ll also buy a calculator as maths was never my strong point haha! Seems straight forward enough though I think, I’ll just have to be careful when mixing.

Just to clarify, I can make up enough for my whole cycle and load my insulin pins and refrigerate/freeze?

you can do, but I’m too lazy. I just prep my pins as and when I need them. Usually grudgingly, last minute before I go to bed like “ah fuck I need to pin that shit”

  • Mix 5000iu of HCG powder + 2ml Bac water in the HCG powder vial using a green pin and barrel.

  • Get 20 slin pins and draw each one to 1.0.

  • This gives you 20 pins with 250iu in each. Store them in the fridge.

That is the easiest way, might need to get some more HCG.

man I’m such a dumbass. That’s way better than my 2.5ml idea

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also @scottishlifter91 I asked you a question motherfucker! Where in our fair country are you?

Holy shit, you’ll go far! I’m sending you a sticker for that. My brain doesn’t hurt any more! I appreciate that help, don’t appreciate being told I might need more HCG lol! Although the site I looked at sold it as 10000iu I believe so I should hopefully have enough. Need to go on the hunt for bac water now though

Woah @Yogi1 calm your beans man! I’m right up the very very top mate! You?

cool man, I’m from up that way too but I reside in our nation’s capital these days.

Representing the swole teuchters! Haha

Nice, I often visit the capital as I have family there!

Yeah, 'mon the lifting hillbillys