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Test E Cycle Advice



Ive been training on and off for years and have been reading these forums for years.

Im only 72kg or around 158 pounds

I am 2 weeks into my first cycle of test e @ 375mg per week.

I work away a lot and due to my job i can only inject for 3 weeks and then i have to have the 4th week off due to security checks at work. I know this is not good but should i load up on the 3rd and 5th week so i compensate for the week off. This will be ongoing untill i finish 2 10ml vials

Thanks in advance


I would increase to 500mg per week - I don’t see any point in assuming the risks associated with using steroids for less than this.

Splitting the dose into two injections a week is preferable but a week between injections is OK. So going away for a week for work won’t be a problem.

Are you using an Aromatase Inhibitor and/or HCG?

Do you a PCT plan?


Thanks for the advice.

I dont have any hcg.

I plan on waiting 2 weeks after my last shot and then i will do some nolva 40mg day for a week then 20mg day for 2 weeks


If i get signs of gyno i will take 40mg nolva per day for 4 or 5 days.