Test-E Cycle Advice!?

So I’m looking at beginning my 2nd TEST-E cycle in about 2 months time. My first cycle was a short 8 week TEST-E @ 500mg/week to see how my body would react & I made some great lean gains with minimal sides (would also like to note that I had ZERO Gyno symptoms during this cycle).

My current stats are:

AGE: 24
WEIGHT: 84kg (185lbs)
HEIGHT: 176cm (5 foot 10)
MACROS: 250P 480C 50F (3500kcals)

I’ve added a few changes to my second cycle & I did some research on HCG usage as I didn’t use it the first time around and found some great articles on it’s importance DURING a cycle rather than in PCT (I can’t reference any, sorry). Also I chose to front load the Test-E as opposed to adding in a oral kicker because I’d like to stay away from orals. But this is what my current cycle/pct protocol looks like.

Week 1: Front load Test-E @ 1200mg/week for week 1 only
Week 2-12: Test-E @ 600mg/week (300mg injected Mondays/Thursdays)
Week 2-12: HCG @ 500iu/week
Week 1-14: Arimidex @ 0.5mg EOD

Week 15-16: Clomid @ 75mg/ED & Nolvadex @ 40mg/ED
Week 17-18: Clomid @ 50mg/ED & Nolvadex @ 20mg/ED

Anything you would add or advise? :slight_smile:

Just do 10 weeks of test since you’re frontloading. Easier recovery. Drop either the clomid or nolva.

you can take HCG during the first week (week 13, in your cycle) after you stop testosterone… just make sure you stop it about a week prior to PCT, or the SERM won’t be able to work as well right away…

Is it more recommended to front load for a period of 10 weeks or begin with normal doses for 12 weeks? Would one have greater benefits than the other or is it just down to preference?

We are literally identical in stats and previous experience. I’d like to run my second cycle pretty soon too. I would drop the HCG completely and drop the clomid to 50 mg/ED for all of PCT.

My research has indicated the opposite. That HCG isn’t necessary for a test only cycle.

You are big guy however, I suggest finding a better source. At your stats you cannot run a gram of REAL test PHARMA TEST. Does not happen heed my words fella. Enyways do not front load, causes bloofyness unnecessary waste of drugs. My golden advice to you, find better real test iron brother.