Test E Cycle, Adding Anavar for Last 6 Weeks?

Hi lads

Doing a test e cycle 500mg a week for 12 weeks 2 pins a week.

On 5th week now everything going well was thinking of adding in anavar for last 6 weeks.

Week 1-12 test e 500mg
Week 8-14 anavar
2 weeks after test e and 3 days afters ladt anavar start pct.

Looking info on pct have hcg and novladex already got.

Also thinking 50mg of ananvar a day is that enough looking to cut up abit near end of cycle and up strength.

Info age 33
Weight around 210 pound
18-20% bf
Diet has been average last few weeks but have it sorted for next few weeks.

Thanks for your help guys first cycle

That’s gonna depend entirely on your diet. And I’m not sure if you want to go into PCT in a low-calorie state while trying to restart your HPTa. I think that’s going to mean loss of a lot of muscle you gained. Others can chime in on that.

As for the dose, 50mg is more than enough for REAL Var.


I wouldn’t cycle off completely. Drop down to 200 mg test for a few months and blast again. That cycle off will just be hell

If this is your first cycle just keep it at test only. No need to complicate things. You’ve prob been at flood blood concentration for a week or so.

Thanks for getting back everyone.
So if i just stict to test only cycle what pct would use recommend dont want tk be running test all the time vistavilla why do you think it will be so bad coming off it? Thanks

Disclaimer: I started with TRT, so I’ve never done a PCT.

That out of the way. I would try to do what would get me the quickest and full recovery. Many guys just do a SERM PCT three weeks after their last Test pin. I’d use HCG during that 3 weeks to help with my goal of quick and full recovery.

HPTA restart involves getting you out of two forms of hypogonadism induced by exogenous Testosterone (or other AAS). You need to get the pituitary gland producing LH and FSH. A SERM helps you with that. You also need to get the Testicles going. The testicles will most likely come back on their own once the pituitary is pumping out LH and FSH (hormones that signal the balls to make test and sperm). However, the testicles have been not doing anything. They may have even atrophied a bit. HCG will get the testicles making testosterone. It will plump them up in size. Then once you start the SERM and they get a signal they should be up and producing faster (and likely a higher level of testosterone).

Not medical advice. This is what I’d do.

  1. HCG 500 iu EOD for 3 weeks after your last pin of Testosterone. Don’t use HCG while using a SERM.

  2. After 3 weeks of HCG, stop the HCG, and start taking SERM (I’d use Nolva). Nolva 20 mg ED for 4 weeks, followed by 10 mg ED for 2 weeks, and finally 10 mg EOD Nolva for 2 weeks.

  3. Wait a few weeks and get blood work to see how you recovered.

Mnben that sounds perfect. Ill try that out for my pct i have the hcg and nova already got so thats perfect.
Im on to my 6th week now and i havent noticed any testicle shrinkage yet to be honest. Ive noticed my strength going up abit this week but nothing mad. Need to get my diet 100 percent i think.

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Makes a huge difference. Make sure you’re getting lots of protein (1g/lb minimum for a cycle IMO).

Thanks mnben will get it all 100 percent over the weekend.