Test E Cycle 12 Weeks, Worried About PCT

Hi all,

I did a 12 week cycle of Test-E with a jab every 5 days and was wondering about my PCT

Its been 6 weeks since my last jab and ive been on PCT a week and a half now with clomid and tamoxifen at 50/50/25/25 & 40/40/20/20 respectively

My libido is low and my erections are not there as much

What do you guys recommend me to do as im worried about my recovery and infertility etc


did you use an AI on cycle?

I did not legit just test 300

I recommend running your pct then getting blood work and comparing it to your pre cycle blood work. You’re like 10 days into pct. I don’t know what you expected but having almost no natural testosterone usually makes one not have a libido. It takes time to get back to normal, man.

Im more worried about it not coming back at all and also being infertile

Then don’t run cycles. I’m afraid of dying in a skydiving accident, so I’ve cleverly avoided it by not going skydiving. You run your cycle, you run your pct, and you see what happens. I noticed you didn’t respond to the instructions about blood work, so I’m assuming you don’t have precycle bloods. Any plans to get them once your pct is over?

I won’t run one again. I had minimal side effects on cycle etc just my health supersedes the benefits

I will most definitely get bloods once done

Thank you for ur support