Test E Color Question

just got some gear from overseas. Both the EQ and the Test E are crystal clear. My old Test was always urine colored. And I’m not sure what color the EQ was because the bottle was tinted brown. The company that makes it is reputable so I’m guessing it’s fine. Just wondered if anyone else has had clear Test/EQ?

My Schering was thick and crystal-clear, and I got some underground test-p that was watery and urine-colored. I know that Schering is the sheeite as far as test goes, but that test p was great, too! I think it may depend on the oil used… MCT, etc. I’m sure someone else can help you out more definitively here.

I don’t have extensive knowledge with regards to the production of injectable steroids but I do know that the carrier is the main factor in the color of the solution. I know that trenbolone powder will change the color of the end product slightly but I am not sure if other powders do the same. The color of the end product will differ based on what kind of oil is used or if it is even oil at all, it may be EO or a combo of the two.

Pretty much got it bonez.

If you use a cotton seed oil it will be very pale in colour… the whiter products tend to be CSO, a GrapeSeed Oil is greener in tint, so the products that are greenish or a moderate yellow/green are often GSO.

IIRC the larger pharm companies tend to use cotton - although i may be mistaken due to allergens (for example almond oil should not be used for anything other than personal use - even in massage!)

thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

It’s not always the carrier oil, though that is usually the primary determining factor. I recently got ahold of some test-e powder that was a very dark, sticky mess. I went ahead and brewed it and the resulting product (used regular pale-yellow soybean oil as a carrier) was darker than any injectable I have yet seen. It was a bit darker than maple syrup, darker than any tren I’ve ever seen.

However, the filtration process was good, and the shots are smooth and pretty well painless and the results are there and I have no complaints from a couple of other guys who are using it, so that’s that (I experimented on myself first before ever allowing anyone else to use it, just to be clear).

Through experience, I’ve come to believe that trying to identify the efficacy of a given AAS by it’s appearance (unless it’s cloudy) is generally a fool’s errand.

Probably not the best advice, but, when in doubt, I usually just shoot it and hope for the best :wink: