Test E Cloudy from Moisture. Okay to Use?

I use 1 syringe, unscrew the 23 pin, screw on the 18, draw my test, pull the plunger down to remove the pressure, then swap out the 18 for the 23 and pin.

Fuck that shit!!!

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Right but do u re use the syringe again

Nope. I start over fresh each time. And I keep a sharps container for my needles.

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At the website I mentioned, you can get about 100 syringes for $18.

Lol I already placed a order

Both 18 needles and syringes with 23 g? Hopefully

Lol absolutely

You buy filters and run your gear through one. It’ll cost you an extra $13 for the filter and you can use it for like 30ml before it needs to be replaced.

I guess I’d have to by new sterieviles as well… In All honesty is this a common practice?

no, running ugl gear through a filter is not common practice. I don’t personally know anyone who does this.

replacing each needle and syringe after every use is common practice.


You’d just filter it and backfill a new syringe barrel. And like Flip said, it’s not common practice at all. But short of buying an autoclave it’s the only way you can be sure of sterility.

Right I guess what I’m getting at is the way some people replied to this they made it seem like they were saints who used nothing but pharma grade sterile shit 100% of the time and my world was about to end for my stupid mistake… I appreciate all the positive helpful feedback I got tho!

You know what you can’t order online… Malva pudding, one cannot buy one of lifes greates pleasures on the internet AND you never have to worry about the sterility of Malva Pudding either! It’s been baked and is thus safe to eat so long as it’s made with ripe ingredients.

I wonder what my new profile pic is…

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Ya but will malva pudding give you unbelievable gainzzzz?

I looked that shit up online. Can you imagine @flipcollar or any of us Texas boys asking for malva pudding at a restaurant???

Lmao I don’t think I would ask for any kinda of pudding in a public setting

Yes I can imagine it. Its only budding. And this coming from the man always shaking his milkshake for the boys.

lol who has the insecurities now ? This is a safe place, no one will judge you.

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Probably not, hence why one should make it from scratch at home, the pay off is worth it.