Test E Cloudy from Moisture. Okay to Use?

This is one of the worst things I’ve ever heard.

Please don’t re-use needles and please don’t inject anything that isn’t sterile.

So does that mean don’t use UGL oils? Unless I set up a lab in my closet how can I ever guarantee what I get is 100% sterile… I understand the needle part I def have changed my stance on re using drawing needles after this

You have to trust the lab, which is a very stupid thing that we all do. It’s a necessary evil.

Deliberately injecting shit you know for a fact is not sterile ramps up the retardedness by a thousand. It’s an unnecessary evil.

One is necessary, the other is unnecessary.

Hopefully you understand now.


I wasn’t trying to be a smart ass I understood before what you meant. I don’t know for a fact it isn’t sterile at the moment just as much as I don’t know it isn’t sterile when I get it in the mail that’s the only point I was trying to make. My biggest question was answered and that was does the slight introduction of water to the oil make it defective

I lol’ed

What are you dumb? Needles are like 50 cents. Use one need to draw into the syringe, switch needle and pin.

Its not going to make it defective. That should be the least of your worries. I would worry about infection that can lead to organ failure plus more.

Why not try heating the vial up to 212 -225. You can try and boil the water out. OR

Using a STERILE needle, like 25g, try to draw the water out. Last thing I would have done is broadcasted to the world what an idiot I am. Shit, I would have thrown that vial out and started fresh before I even told anyone.


Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt ---- Abe Lincoln

Well IL be completely honest I could care less what someone on an internet forum thinks of me… Obviously you do or you wouldn’t have made that statement so I feel bad that your insecurity runs that deep… But moving right along you live and you learn I appreciate everyone who gave helpful advice

I don’t know anyone personally that uses gear and when I ordered the needles I didn’t know it only came with one drawing needle… This is my first cycle so I have to get 99% of my information from the internet and forums… As I said after this I obviously ordered more drawing needles and had I knew this before cycle I would have waited til I had more

lol. dude the people calling you out aren’t insecure. you made a ridiculous error in judgement by reusing syringes. I doubt anyone in this thread has even considered doing the same. Own your shit and move on, it’s all good man. you got lucky you didn’t get an infection, and you’ve learned from it.

I never once avoided “owning” it. Hence me making this thread…

What order? I go to the pharmacy and buy 10-20 2.5ml syringes with the green needle and then some blue needles. I know you cant do this everywhere but you shouldnt have started if you only had one needle to draw. If you have alot of the smaller gauge ones you use to pin then just draw with those also, itl just take longer.
edit* draw with one of the smaller needles, then switch to another new small needle

I get 23g and 25g needles w/ syringe at Walgreens for .25 cents each. With 23g you can draw and inject same needle.

No pharmacy around me will sell them without a prescription for insulin or something needing needles so I order offline…

Are you in the US? Try GPZ Medical. I get all my syringes there for a great price

Try Tractor Supply stores, Farm and Feed stores, Pet Stores. They all require clean STERILE needles. Make up a story that Fido has diabeatus and you need them to inject his insulin.

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i also order online.

There are a few different ways to do it. Usually I’ll buy a needle/syringe combo, and then the additional needles for drawing or pinning (whichever one didn’t come with the syringe). But you could also buy the syringe and each of the needles separately. depends on the site you go through.

Thanks I’ll look into both… Just thought of something else… Is it necessary to use new syringe each time as well or just needle… So far I have been using new barrels just wondering for future planning

18 Gauge are great for drawing. Like a freakin garden hose. Then pin with a 23.

Real men pin with the 18g. lol Try it, it is invigorating.