Test E Cloudy from Moisture. Okay to Use?

Was pinning the other day and there was a little bit of water left in the drawing needle from where I had rinsed it out after previous pin when I pushed back into vial to get air bubble out I guess that little bit of water got in vial… Long story short the few ML left in vial are now cloudy… IV read this happens when moisture gets in vial which is obviously what happened IV also read the home remedies to get moisture out of vial which I don’t particularly feel like baking shit in the oven etc etc… So question is-is it fine to still pin the remaing oil? We’re talking trace amounts of water from a needle tip. As long as it’s not gonna kill me and it’s not effecting my test being absorbed in my ass cheek I’d prefer not to throw it out

Are you using sterile water?

WTF did I read. You are too cheap to buy new needles so you re-use them? Now you may have contaminated your whole vial over .25 cents? The costs of a needle/w syringe. Smoove move doofus


No jack ass if you read it again I said it was the drawing needle… I’m not re using pinning needle… And to yogi it was a just opened bottle of water… Don’t know how sterile those are

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So you’re using a large gauge needle to draw then another to pin with, correct? And you are rinsing out your large gauge needle instead of using a sterile one?

I dont know how long you’ve been doing this but this practice is prone to contamination. Too many variables.

I draw with an 18 gauge and pin with a 23 gauge. But I use a fresh needle every time. I think you should consider this in the future.


LOL I am not the jackass that contaminated my vial of Test. AHHHH Genius I use brand new, sterile needles everytime I draw and inject. The .25 is well spent not dealing with contamination or infections. Good luck

Correct I use a 18 for drawing and a 23 for pin… I never re use the pin needle but after I draw and before I draw I wipe the 18 with rubbing alcohol… After this incident I have already gotten more drawing needles… Any answer for my question tho?

Its contaminated. It is garbage. OR try your luck.

I dont know. Did you say you were using sterile water to rinse? I mean, maybe if it is one sterile environment to another, then maybe its cool but if you have a way to sterilize the remaining, I guess I would do that. Otherwise, I personally would be nervous, especially if it was just tap water.

Water bottle like this?

No water bottle like deer park lol

It was disstiled bottle water which I read is very close to med grade sterile water

You might be alright. Its up to you and how much Test you’re losing

And yes I am nervous about it which is why made a post… Apparently the bio chemist above us has already broke into my house and tested it and knows it’s contaminated smh… My big question is does that little bit of moisture affect the test and how it’s absorbed in muscle… BTW Tha k you for your straight forwards responses

The difference is that vials are under a vacuum and maintain their sterility that way as long as everything going into them is sterile. Anything open to the atmosphere is subject to contamination. With that said, its not like there are a ton of airborne contaminants flying around to drop into your distilled water.

Assuming its sterile, I dont think the water will have an effect on your pin.

The cloudiness is probably due to the fact that oil and water dont mix, so you will always have that separation

It’s UGL test I don’t think it was ever under a vaccum seal lol it is from one of the top 2 ug labs in the u.s. So maybe it was but obviously I’m already taking a risk pinning UG test as it is as far as contamination is concerned so as long as it won’t effect the absorbtion into muscle I’m gonna keep using it… Yes the cloudiness is def from the trace amount of water that was in drawing needle

I was a drug addict for 10+ years I have numerous years clean now but I understand how rare it is for airborne contamination to effect something like this

Well, I’m glad you changed your protocol and will be using fresh needles from now on. Good luck.

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