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Test E+ Clen + T3 Cycle. Advice on a Program for Cutting?

Hello everyone. I’m 28, with 5 years on and off gym traning.I’m 1,86 with 83 kg. This would be my second cycle. I will be doing keto during this cycle. Can anyone suggest a good traning program for cutting for especially design for cycle or good in general? I would like to compare with how I’m traning. Thanks

Sorry I don’t have any advice for you im sure some one will.

I am interested in hearing about how your cycle goes and at what doses you run the clen and t3. And the results you have

Looking into possibly adding them into my next cycle but i hear a lot of mixed opinions.

Are you doing this to compete or because you’re a model? (I’m guessing no, but it’s still polite to ask) Because if not then you have the best cutting toll out there already, and it’s free of side effects and costs you $0.

zeek1414 sorry I forget to add that zeek. I planing to run
500mg of test e. x 10 week
2 weeks on 2 weeks of clen. (starting on 40 mcg, run mostly around 120 but on last week depending on my physique can go up to 200mcg. I run clen only cycle before, really comfortable on that drug. except for leg shakes :smile: ) x10 weeks
First time on t3, will start on on 40mcg, see how I feel, and depending again can go upto 150 mcg x10 week (doubt that I will need to go that much of 150 but you never know.)

I will start next week I hope , and can post the result if you are insterested zeek. What cycle do you have in your mind?

@iran_yuppie I’m not a prof. model, but done modeling, but I’m trying to keep my physique like that. I dont think that I will get much side affects, like I said its my second cycle and my first one was test+eq+dbol. Used clen before many times. Thanks for your reply and advise tough. :slight_smile:

I still have to finish my current cycle test+winny then take a few months off so i have some time to think about it. But its gonna involve test+mast+ var(or winny again).

But clen and t3 are intresting it seems i read either people love it or hate it. Some of the results i hear about are great tho. If your comfortable on it then id say go for it. And def would be interested if you update about your results

I got like male pattern baldness in my family so I’m afraid to use winny or any dht actually. How is your training program and cycle results so far if you don’t mind me asking

Thats understandable. I seem to get very little to no sides from winny or any dry compound. Im only running the winny 6 weeks (last 6 weeks). So far progress has been great i retain a lot of water on test but a lot of that dropped soon as i started the winny… Started cycle at 200lbs was at 235 when i started winny. Dropped to 220 after first week (all the water) currently at 218 2 weeks into winny. All 18 lbs gained are pretty solid. Excited to see how much i can hold on to after pct.

Training program is simple but effective. 7 days a week 45-hr individual muscle group hypertrophy based training.

One thing that winny does do is give me hellish forearm pumps. I find a little taurine takes care if this tho