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Test E/C Cycle - Adding T3?


I’m looking to do a Test E/C 400mg/ week for 10 weeks cycle but looking to lean / lose bf on it so I’ll be following a clean low-carb calorie deficit diet.

I want to add either Clen or T3 to help with the fat loss; I’ve tried Clen before and it was just tough dealing with the shakes/cramps/sleep sides on it, so leaning towards T3 but just want to do some research because I don’t want to have issues with my thyroid.

I was planning on doing either 25mcg or 50mcg ED for 6 weeks.

I looked at my most recent blood work and see that my TSH is at 1.19 so it’s in the normal range (0.40 - 4.78). I was reading this site below and I see I’m at the lower range so based on this article my body is closer to where my thyroid is overactive.

If I were to take T3 would that then push my TSH level below normal range since I’m supplementing it externally? If so, when I’m off of T3 will my body rebound to normal production?

I read great things about T3 being better than Clen for fat loss, and I would rather use T3 since the Clen sides are a pain but just doing some research on how this would ultimately affect my thyroid.

For people who have taken both Clen and T3 what has your experience been with both? Did you body recover fine coming off T3?

Thank you!