Test E Blood Results After a Couple of Weeks

Hi guys,

Had bloods checked after 2-3 weeks of my first cycle on Test E, mainly to make sure the gear wasn’t fake and to see how my body is coping with it.

But I’m not sure what my results show as never had them done before.

My test levels are at 96.3 nmol/L

Free test levels are at 2.97 nmol/L

Androgen index 304.75 ratio.

Are these results good for 2-3 weeks in on 500mg a week?

Thanks in advance.

Are you sure the units are correct on your Free Test? Please confirm.

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It Says:

Free testosterone (calculated) 2.97nmol/L

I may have been converting wrong then but the Total T is about 4-5x normal levels so probably in line with your dosing.

What’s the ranges? You left those out

They didn’t give me any ranges :frowning: can anyone give me some feedback on my free testosterone result? Is this good for how long I’ve been on cycle?


You see the ranges to the far right? That’s what I’m talking about.

Literally not on there. It’s like a dashboard with the results

96 is roughly 2.5-3x the upper end of normal. Normal being about 12-35 (in my opinion)

FT may be well above 3x normal though as excess androgen tends to suppress SHBG

There should be an option to view as pdf or something like that which will have a detailed report

Just checked. Won’t let me download as pdf or see any of info. Annoying but judging from the info I have given does it look normal for 2-3 weeks into first cycle? Thanks.