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Test E Blast with HCG

Oh man I almost want to just for the nostalgia. Use to love the lemon lime flavor.

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yeah that was def. The amphetamines taking its course lol

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No experience with either, but I would guess you would do fine, since I think it is the nandralone base that causes issues.

I guess if you handle tren well, why trade the Ferrari in for the family sedan.

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Hey buddy, when will I start to see sizable gains? I’ve upped my kcal to 3167 lift (240c 71f 367p) and 2861(179c 72f 344p) non lift days. Haven’t seen much change in the scale except a slight decrease in weight. Now granted I’m still sitting at about 18-19% bf. Is it possible I’m shredding and gaining? In your opinion should I up my calories? All the damn tdee calculators are terrible. Also do you think my 2 days of hiit are affecting my gains? Todays pin will complete week 4 on the cycle.

For me it’s most noticeable around the 6 week mark.

Gains IMO are much less noticeable at higher body fat for the simple reason you have fat. This is one of the many reasons I reccomend getting to a lower body fat before bulking.

I can’t really answer any of these it would be speculation. I would need to be with your training and seeing what you eat daily to accurately assess what could possibly be going on.

Yea, well I guess my best option would be to sit at the same kcal and continue to shred if that’s where my body is going. Maybe a small benefit will be adding a lil lean muscle. It’s probably a waste of a blast but I have so much Test e I wanted to give it a shot.

My plan after this 12 weeks to go back on trt and cut like crazy and totally lean down hopefully under 10% bf. Until nov-dec time frame and run a test-tren cycle. During the winter.

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Hey bud, how’s your cycle going? Good gains I hope. Got yet another question for ya lol.

So I’m still doing 1mg of adex a week (.5 on injection days) but man I tell ya I have a nagging ache lower right neck/back, still no libido, night sweats, and feel pretty dry. Dropped like 5lbs overnight. Would it be completely possible to crash my E on that low of a dose? I’m contemplating just stopping adex all together beings if I am shut down my gains are not there. Just started week 6 Monday and I have labs next Thursday.

In your opinion would you continue as normal (1mg weekly) and wait for labs or stop the adex.

Possible yes likely probably not. But you don’t need a crashed E2 to feel like shit. Even a low E2 on a blast can negatively affect people.

I’d say just wait til you get your labs then go from there it’s really impossible to guess and you don’t want to make a situation any worse.

Ultimately I would probably stop taking it. Some people just feel like shit when taking adex you may be one of them

Thanks for the info man, I’m seeing popping some dbol helps raise things quickly… would you suggest that?

I guess that in itself would make the situation worse lol. I guess you already answered that question.

Iv seen this reccomended before. I personally don’t agree with this method.

The same reason you shouldn’t take a shit load of adex to lower really high E2 is the same reason you shouldn’t do this. There is an over correcting effect that is almost guaranteed to happen.

Ideally you want to let your body regulate the raising that way it will reach a area of homeostasis its comfortable with.

Do you know how long this possible could take? Last adex dose was Monday morning.

I’m telling you this ache is no joke… never felt such pain lol.

My wife would complain about achy joints when weather was coming in and I just blew her off. I don’t think that’ll happen again.

Not as long as you may think. Unless your completely crashed things should pick up relatively quick. Iv heard people feel better within a week.

If it’s completely crashed it can take longer. But your blood test will show you where your at. To get an idea.

Cool my dude, thanks! I think I would of done something stupid like take some dbol or a huge HCG injection!

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When I said taking dbol would work let’s keep in mind I’m talking about one or two 10mg doses over the course of one or two days. At that dose you’re unlikely to have any side effects and it raises e2 enough to get you out of the miserable side of the ledger.


I actually kinda agree with this. Il say iv never seen Iron give bad or harmful advice.

@36_grit def wait til you get your bloods back tho. Just a hunch but I dont think your estrogen is all that low taking 1 mg of adex a week. I think this is an issue of your ratio is just out of wack and your body is responding to that, that’s just speculation tho. If your E2 is bottomed out taking a couple tabs of dbol wouldnt be a bad idea altho don’t expect to feel great again over night it still takes some time for your body to regroup so to speak. If it’s a ratio issue I would just drop the adex and see how you feel letting your estrogen rise and level out naturally. I think I suggested this a while back

This is what I think should have been done a month ago.

Either way stay calm get the bloods and go from there. The more you obsess over this type of shit the worse it will be. There is some fancy psychological term for this i cant recall off the top of my head but more or less you will literally manifest side effects by thinking them into existence and obsessing.

Yea I’m kicking myself in the ass for only dropping the HCG. You told me the best route and I only went half way. Well live and learn I guess.

I am just gonna drop the adex and get my bloods a week from tomorrow. As far as obsessing… if it weren’t for the advice you, iron, now and again has given i would be freaking out for sure. But y’all have really helped a novice and that in itself has me calm about this whole issue. I guess the only worry I have is the lost gains I may have endured.

As far as the dbol my connect has a minimum so should I was thinking of getting only a few, and grabbing some npp. Any thoughts on running npp week 7-12 or is that a waste of time this late in the cycle?

No don’t add anything like that. You need to master a test only blast first. Once you can run a test blast with no issues then I’m of the belief that you can chose whatever compound you want for a next cycle. Some will suggest only using testosterone for your first 3 or 5 cycles before using other stuff I don’t really prescribe to that theory. I think once you master the base (testosterone) then there is much better compounds that’s are designed to accomplish certain goals and they work much more efficiently then testosterone. But let me not get off track.

Probably a $200 minimum or something right? Get some dbol (even tho you probably won’t need it once you see your bloods) then I would get masteron enanthate if I were you. It’s a great drug little to no side effects and you can run it with trt for a nice libido jump and hardening effect. Plus it’s great when in a caloric deficit if you plan on dieting any time soon.

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Yes actually after this blast I am going to aggressively cut… I really want to get down to 10% bf by Nov-dec time frame so I can run my next cycle and really start adding some lean mass. Like I had mentioned in an earlier post I’m eating a lil over 3200 kcal and still dropping about .5-1lb a week. But bf % is decreasing so I’m just gonna stick with these kcals this cycle.

So I did some research into mast e. I’m seeing the dosage varies 300mg to 700mg weekly split into 2 doses. Would you recommend I split the difference and go with 500mg weekly? Also is it ok to draw up in with my test and inject together?

Will mast e aid in fat loss? I saw the hardening effect it produces and also read most men will choose over var.

If I were in your position I would finish the blast then when you start your diet I would add it to your trt dose at around 200 week and it’s fine to mix in same needle. The higher doses you read a out are better suited for other goals with your stats right now it would just be a waste of masteron.

Its not a fat burner no steroid is really. But it does have properties that make fat loss easier with proper diet. The increased androgens will help on a diet and will help preserve all your muscle especially in a heavy caloric deficit. It will also lower your shbg allowing more free testosterone to be available.

As long as your not prone to male pattern baldness you could run 200mg/week with trt for 6 months easily while you slim down.

Here is the one tricky part I forgot to mention. Masteron has a way of lowering E2 so you might have to change up your AI protocol on trt if you use it. There is a good chance you won’t even need an AI.

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To be honest, when I go back to trt I will be back down to 200mg weekly of test e. I have absolutely NO intention of getting back on HCG! I hated how I felt with it and the wife and I aren’t having more kids ( 2 is quite enough) so with that being said I don’t plan on taking adex at all. If I did I believe I would be worse off than I am currently.

As far as baldness goes… I’ve had a razor shaved head since high school so no problems there. Actually I wish it would stop growing all together, save me some extra work lol.

As far as my current blast I’m dropping substantial weight, pretty sure it’s because of the high bf %… the test should be preserving my muscle correct? Also I should see some slight increase in lean mass? Nothing like a calorie surplus of course.

Also should I stick with im injections when I go back to trt using the mast e? Or does sub Q work?