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Test E Blast with HCG

I have absolutely zero experience with nandrolone and that’s because I can’t justify the potential negatives(limp dick for God knows how long) out weighing the potential positives (better joints for a while)

Your joints will be protected as your estrogen rises.

Yea man that deca dick scares the living shit outta me. The wife probably would elect I don’t touch it either!

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Hey brother, do you think week 4 is too soon to get blood work done? Well basically I’m at 4 1/2. Didn’t know if that’s enough time for cell saturation. Thanks my man!

I mean yes and no.

Youl get an idea of where your headed but nmthose number will greatly increase into that 6-8 week mark.

Why the rush? Is there a particular concern you believe getting bloods done now will help?

High blood pressure… I’m pegging 138/84. Didn’t know if that is alarming or not.

Didn’t know if hemoglobin has anything to do with it

Man I hate speculating but I can almost guarantee you blasting for the last 4 weeks hasn’t raised hemoglobin to the point its causing BP issues. The good news is if this is what you want tested then 4 weeks isn’t to early I was speaking more so on hormone levels.

Where are you normally coming in at? Is this consistent through out the day?

These numbers won’t kill you in 12 weeks you probably wouldn’t want to be here for a few years tho.

How old are you? If your in your late 50s I would be a little more concerned then if your in your mid 30s

I’m 40, I usually have always sat at 120/60. This was taken by my works RN at like 10am. I do take strong preworkout that contains dmaa or dmha. But that’s at 2am, so I figure it’s out of my system by then. I have randomly been using cvs, Walmart, or Walgreens BP machines but my arm is 16” so it doesn’t sit well in them. So those fluctuate from 140/80-109/74.

I probably will just buy a BP machine and test first thing in the am and throughout the day, for a few weeks. I know the bottom number shouldn’t go over 90. But the nurse did tell me if I’m fluctuating I’m probably fine.

I do get up at 2am, and workout from 3-4ish then put 10 hours in work and don’t go to bed till 8. Don’t know if that’s playing a role as well. I weight lift 5 days a week and hiit cardio 2.

One reading doesn’t mean anything.

Even one day is pretty meaningless.

I would get a morning reading, couple hours after workout and mid day/night reading over the course of a week to get an idea of where the median is.

Didn’t they ban that stuff? Something about people over dosing? What pre workout is it? Maybe I’m thinking of something else

Yes it was banned but I guess it’s locked up in court right now so a lot are exploiting this and making products with dmaa in it. The one I currently use is called “Venom” from anti-hero labs. I has 100 mg of dmaa per serving. The other I use is “Assassin” from apollon nutrition. Now this one is no joke, has 300mg of dmha. Plus a variety of crap, in such a way no amount of flavor can mask the taste of this shit.

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Personally wish I didn’t need pre workouts, but getting up at 2am is brutal lol.

I thought you were currently doing a tren cycle?

That shit is super intense I would need something like that myself if I woke up and worked out as early as you do! I actually pissed dirty for a job years and years ago for amphetamines after taking the old jack3d

Sorry I should have been more clear.

Tren is technically in the nandrolone group. But when I see someone say nandrolone I think of npp or deca which is what I was referring to.

Ahh. NPP and Deca are basically the same (nandralone) other than ester. Tren has alterations to the molecular structure of the base molecule nandralone.

You really fear NPP and Deca more than Tren? Or is the reward greater, so the risk is worth it?

Yea, the venom is exactly like the original jack3d… they actually added more stims in it but in sense it’s the same formula and instead of 50mg of dmaa it’s 100mg. Hell I remember the original mesomorph kicked my ass and it only had 65mg of dmaa before they reformulated it.

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You nailed it right on the head major difference in risk/reward plus it turns out my body gets along with tren like they are old friends.

I also seem to see a lot more stuff on deca causing ED issues then tren. Maybe that’s just because more people use deca?

Thats one thing iv been wondering about. Sense tren has not given me any ED issues does that mean that deca wouldn’t or is the ED from deca different?

I miss the old jack3d. I seen someone on eBay selling some for like 90$ for orig. Stuff.

The price is definitely up there my man… check out what the original formula mesomorph is going for :grimacing:

Jack3d used to make my ears tingle I loved it for the work out but it made me crash hard. Not neccarily a sleepy crash but I would get very anti social and annoyed.