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Test E Blast with HCG

Howdy folks,

I got a question about my current blast. I’m 2 weeks into a 12 week 500mg Test e blast (pinning mon and thurs).I also am running 1000iu of HCG (pinned at 500iu wed and sat). Taking .3 anastrozole eod. So far no signs of high estrogen, good libido and morning wood. Except for the day after I inject the HCG. Is it possible that the HCG is raising my estrogen to higher lvls? If so should I just eliminate it from the cycle. Thanks for any input on this matter ahead of time!

I am on trt so my dose there was 200mg test e weekly with the 1000iu of HCG. Anastrozole .5 on test e injection days.
With that my estrogen was 36.4. That’s why I raised it to .3 eod.

That is precisely what’s happening. You can reduce the dosage down to 250iu twice a week if you’re experiencing problems at 500. That should be enough to keep your testes functioning for 10 weeks. But if it becomes unmanageable then just drop it entirely. I’m an HCG evangelist, but it’s not appropriate for everyone in every situation.

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I hate HCG. Used it along with test for years and I would get bad anxiety after taking it. Dropped it and probs went away. Granted I’m on TRT so I don’t need to worry about preserving testicular function.

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If I drop HCG completely would my AI dose change do you think or stay the same beings the HCG aromatizes in the balls and an AI doesn’t block that?

Personally I already think your dose is too high. I would drop it to twice per week instead of EOD. But my body is different than yours so it’s a personal call.

The only reason I went eod is I felt my lvls stayed more consistent. Taking the anastrozole mon and thurs i felt more fluctuations. That’s why I’m concerned if I drop HCG completely that I may crash my Estrogen.

With that logic as well, would it be better if I did 250iu eod of HCG instead of 500iu twice weekly? Would that in itself keep estrogen lvls consistent?

I dont use hcg never have and have no intention to any time soon so I’m not much of help there.

But I’m curious as to why your obsessing over your estrogen levels while on a blast? Have you considered just sticking to whatever adex dose you used on trt and seeing how you feel before tinkering with shit?

My estrogen lvl on trt was 36.4 and I was thinking that the increase of 300mg of Test a week would raise that a bit, my first concern. My second concern is if the 300mg of extra test doesn’t raise my estrogen i would like to get down into the 20s. Am I overthinking this?

And I’ve technically only changed the frequency of the anastrozole, instead of .5 Monday and .5 Thursday. I’ve went to .3 eod which amounts to 1.2 one week and .9 the next.

Ya bro you are wayyyy over thinking this.

Yes it will and that’s fine the purpose of your blast I’m sure is to build muscle that extra estrogen will be a helping hand in lubing up your joints and aiding in this you should welcome it with open arms.

Now why on earth would you want to get your estrogen lower on a blast then where it stays at while your are on trt?

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I guess all the bro science I’ve been reading is saying that the “sweet spot” is 22. So I just figured that was the area I wanted to aim for. Isn’t the half life on anastrozole 40-50 hours, so with that wouldn’t it be better to take eod rather than just .5 on injection days? I mean I value your input my man! I’m a noob to say the least in this. Done tons of research but it just goes in circles.

My best advice is to forget you ever read this. There is no one size fits all “sweet spot” ESPECIALLY when blasting!

So one thing I noticed you said earlier is you want to keep estrogen levels consistent. Your on the right path with this thinking consistent levels of hormones equal less side effects.

The problem is you are trying to micro manage your hormones (specifically estrogen) by using adex. Let your body do what’s it’s best at.

Im gonna give you a couple ideas what you do with them is up to you.

  1. drop the hcg and adex completely and finish your blast then resume your proven trt regiment. You will probably notice some slight side effects but in a couple weeks your body will adapt to the new raised levels and you should be fine.

  2. drop the hcg for the remainder of this blast sense that seems to be what’s causing the most confusion and just use the same adex dose and protocol you used on trt then when your blast is over pick back up the hcg and your body will once again find its balance in a couple weeks back to your trt groove.


If I went this route what would be the slight sides your referring to? Also I’m scared to death of gyno.

For this route would it be feasible to think that the anastrozole dose hasn’t crashed my estrogen because of the HCG? So if I take only the HCG away and run the usual 1mg a week would that be possibly do harm?

I can’t thank you enough for your time and help man!!

Water retention (your diet will be huge in deciding how much the cleaner you eat the better) you might have some slight anxiety and be a bit emotional. Or you won’t even notice it but even if you do the side effects will subside as your body reaches a new homeostasis.

no I don’t think your going to crash your estrogen on 1mg a week regardless of taking out the hcg. The increase in testosterone should replace whatever raise in estrogen you were getting from the hcg.

As for getting gyno in 12 weeks from 500mg test /week it’s not gonna happen if your are super paranoid run some Nolvadex at 10mg/day during blast but I really don’t think that’s necessary.

My diet is super clean… less than 1500mg of salt daily… I do t even do cheat meals.
I’m sitting at 336p 61f 208c 2824kcal. That should eliminate most water retention I hope. I may just come clean off all but the test and see how it goes. Thanks again man!

Any thoughts on my macros?

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My thoughts on those macros are they are very similar to what I eat on my training days. I drop my carbs and raise fat slightly on off days (only twice a week)

I have no issues with water retention when I keep my diet clean like this. If I do have a slight cheat meal that’s high in sodium I will know right away it becomes difficult to take my wedding band off but this only last about 12 hours until my body processes everything out.

I weight train 5 days a week and hiit cardio the other 2, this macros are my lift days as well. My cardio days I drop the carbs down to about 180. Fat though I tend to leave… what’s the benefit of raising it on my cardio days?

No major benefit I can think of I only raise my fat to keep me feeling full on off days I drop my carbs down to under 100g on off days so if I don’t replace with more fat I will be starving and feel like shit.

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Hey brother, got another question for ya. The TRT doc knows I’m doing the blast and offered nandrolone to help with recovery and joint health.

So my question is what would be a good dose just for that weekly? The doc is saying only .5ml which is 100mg pinned once, but what I’ve read that’s real low… and then there is deca dick :unamused:

So what experience do you have here man?

Or just stick with my 500 test for this first blast?