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Test E and Winstrol Cycle


Sup fellas, I needed some insight on my first cycle. First of all, I am 23, 6'2, 230lbs, 12% bodyfat, been training for 7 years.

I am going to start running test e and winstrol injectable 50mg eod.
My plan is going to look like this, please critique.

Week 1-12
Test e, 200mg 2x/week

Week 4-12
Winstrol injectable 50mg eod

All vitamins, milk thistle, forged liver, HCGenerate, and ALA.
When should I start my PCT and what is the recommended to take? My friend told me take arimidex 2 weeks after my last test injection, just wanted some more insight on this.
Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



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Ahh gotcha, thanks for the help bro, so if I run 300 2x/week, take .5g of arimidex every day? Then how long do I need to be on clomid after my cycle? Ill take ur advice and run the 8 weeks of test bringing in 50mg winny ed from weeks 4-8 then start clomid after my last test injection


PCT will start 2 weeks after you last test e shot. You could even run the winny from weeks 6-10 up until the start of PCT.

.5mg of Arimidex EOD would suffice.

As for PCT, use Nolvadex at 40mg/day for two weeks, and 20mg/day for two weeks.
If you only have clomid and refuse to get nolva, then something like 100mg/day for the first two weeks, 50mg/day for the third and fourth week.


1-8 Test E 400mg/wk
1-10 Arimidex .5mg EOD
6-10 Winny 50mg ED
10-12 (started two weeks after last test e shot) 40mg/day nolva (100mg/day clomid)
12-14 20mg/day nolva (50mg/day clomid)


A short cycle...with a long ester? I have a feeling the Op would be much more satisfied with using prop over enth for an 8 week cycle..even if he has to pin ED.

Weeks 1-8 test P
600mg with ED pins

weeks 4-beginning of pct winstrol oral
50mg ED

weeks 1-8 (consider taper into pct) adex
.5mg EOD

pct 3 days after last shot

my .02


Could be, but if all he has is test E, might as well use it. I'd say extend it for ten weeks, but generally what I see BBB recommend, I don't go against. 600wk for 8 weeks could also be used at 480wk for 10 weeks.

Also, I meant to say 600mg/wk instead of 400 in my previous post.


I disagree.

Test E with a frontload for 8 weeks is a great cycle. 750mg/wk for 8 weeks is a breeze

Have you done it?

And I dont think 8 weeks is a short cycle. Youre getting 10 weeks of suppression with test e. If someone does a 12 week cycle, thats 14 weeks of suppression. The whole point of cycling is to be on to make gains and be able to come off as easily as possible to keep them. If someone is going to be suppressed for extended periods of time it makes more sense to blast and cruise and forget recovering the HPTA.

And three 8 week cycles is equivalent in 'on time' to two 12 week cycles. I firmly believe that 3 cycles spread out over a years time is more productive than 2 cycles. Assuming the same amount of drugs are used.


You are right, however nowhere did I see anyone suggest the Op frontload the Test E, which is why I made my proposition.


I'm not quite certain what you mean when you say "op frontload the test e", can you please explain that to me? Thanks for all your help guys mr walkway and TRT.

Any other supplements you guys recommend while on?

I really appreciate all the help, cheers!


Frontloading a long estered steroid means injecting a significant amount more in the first shot (or two shots) of a cycle.


A 10 week Test E cycle at 500 each week (250 2x a week). To frontload, the user would inject say...anywhere from 750 to a gram (maybe more) the first injection. Doing this raises blood levels faster.


gotcha, thanks man