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Test E and Winstrol Cycle. Opinions?

Hi there fellas!
Im going to run this cycle next month.

Test E 250mg once a week from 1 to 8 week
Winstrol 50mg once a week from 1 to 6 week
Arimidex once every other day from 1 to 8 week
Liver protection everyday from 1 to 8 week
Pct: Clomid 50mcg + 20mg Nolva everyday week 10
Nolva 40mg everyday week 11
Nolva 20mg everyday week 12

Please let me know what you think about this. I could use your help for a better construction of this cycle. Thank You!

Test E/C are better for longer cycles say 10-12 weeks. If you want a shorter cycle you would run prop and pin EOD. You didn’t state your dose of Arimdex but you likely don’t need it at all on 250mg/wk. Pick either clomid or nolva, no need for both. Nolva has less sides. Back to the Test dose, 250mg is a little light but your call.

Thanks! I forgot to say that they are injectables and the arimidex it is 0.50mg. I forgot also that it is my first time.

This will get you roughly the same results as winstrol 0mg per week.


So 1.5mg/w of arimidex for a test dose that is barely above trt? That’s an excellent way to feel like shit because you crashed your e2.

This is all kinds of bad my man. I would go back to the drawing board if I were you. Never mind the fact that you didn’t include any details about yourself, your goals, or your training history. This is just not a well thought out plan.

Thanks iron_yuppie that’s why I’m here, to learn… This cycle is what they recommended me to do on the site where I bought the gear, do you think maybe they wanted me to buy more useless stuff?..
Anyway Im in my late 30s I train 3 days week pretty hard for 10 years I weigh 175lb/6ft tall. My goals get stronger and leaner. Im strong and have low fat but still not as defined as I want.


This will get you roughly the same results as winstrol 0mg per week.


The cycle is garbage. Please read ANY of the 1000 beginner cycle threads to get a better idea of how to do this more productively.


Did you mean 50mg Winstrol per week as stated or did you mean 50mg/day for the week? Is the Winnie and oral or injectable? Your test is a long ester and ideally the cycle would span 10-12 weeks. You won’t start getting results until week 4-5 so ending it on week 8 is kind of a bad way to go. Your test dose is barely above TRT levels. You would probably get results still as a first cycle, but normally doses range from 4-500mg/wk. You could think about pinning .75ml / 2x per week for a total of just over 350mg. That would be closer to the right starting dose.

How much cardio do you do? Adding some more LISS is almost always a good idea. As far as lifting, three days a week may not be quite enough if you’re feeling like you’re stalled out.

Late 30’s is when it gets tougher, for sure. You’re on the sad side of the incline/decline curve for testosterone. At that age it makes sense to think about doing a cycle or two. From there it’s a matter of how to do it and what you can get from it with as little downside as possible.

Thanks for your response. I meant Winstrol 50mg once a week injectable. Ok so basically they recommended me a shitty cycle. I get the part of the 500mg minimum per week. how about the winstrol? should i pin it at first or at the end? or not at all? is arimidex needed?

Winstrol is not estered, so that 50mg injection is gone within two days. (Winstrol injection is weird the way it works vs oral, but the basic elements are the same)

You are getting about 36hrs (max) per week from that dose. Hence the reason I said it’s not much different than 0mg. They sold you a bad cycle. It happens. Lesson learned.

If this is your first time then you don’t need the winstrol anyway. You can and will make great gains from testosterone alone, provided you eat well and train hard.

Well I feel like shit now…
Let’s clear this up, should I throw away the winstrol then, and add more Test E??
Should I throw away the arimidex and clomid too and only use nolva for 4 weeks?
Thanks by the way…

Don’t throw anything away. Just set aside what you don’t need and maybe use it next time. For now I would say increase the test (if you want to), drop the winstrol, and run your pct with the Nolva only. Dose the arimidex as needed.

Thanks brother.

How do I know the dose I need and when of the Arimidex?

You use the lowest effective dose, which is probably .25mg. And the symptoms of high e2 are usually water retention, mood swings/emotional issues, high bp, libido problems, etc. You have to listen to your body unless you have blood work. It’s a little bit of science and a lot of art.

Does the injectable Winny hurt the liver like oral does?

It does, yes. I’ve seen a fairly well thought out but nonetheless convoluted explanation for why it’s not as bad, but I’m not convinced.

I’d you were going to take Winny wouldnit be oral or injectable?