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Test E and Winny in the Same Barrel?

Starting my Test E, Winny and Drol cycle tomorrow and was just wondering if it’s possible to mix the Test E and Winny in the same barrel. Iv been doing all kinds of re search and I keep coming across mixed reviews on this subject… I was told you can mix the two but the injection site might hurt and the two compounds (oil & water) wont mix well OR to just put the Test in the glute and the Winny in the delt… I need an honest opinion on this! Please don’t tell me how it wont mix or how it will hurt I’m aware of this already.

Mix or Don’t?!?! Please explain knowledge is key in this game.


not sure if srs.

Occam’s Razor plz.

You can do it, its just an odd sensation. Obviously you still need to consider injection volume.

I pinned USP with NPP once, and I was keenly aware of the sensation of the different viscocity, granularity and temperature. Definitely feels weird, for a moment I thought I was going chunder everywhere mid injection.

Pins and syringes are cheap, consider yourself warned lol.

Anyways, good luck.

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