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Test E and Winny Cycle


Here is what I was thinking, would like to get some feedback...

Frontload Test E 1000mg

week 1-10 Test E @ 325mg twice a week (650mg total)
week 7-12 Injectible Winny @ 50mg Every Other Day
week 1-10 Adex at .5mg every other day
week 12-14 Nolva @ 40 mg/day
week 14-16 Nolva @ 20 mg/day

Any suggestions? Is every other day fine with winny or does it need to be every day?


i’d drop the winny… it’s useless cept for precontest and wreaks havoc on your body for the small amount of benefit it provides.

spend the money on more test


+1 to Mr. Walkaway. Heard a lot of similar feedback.


Thanks guys. So you think it would just be more beneficial to just up the test? Something like this…

Frontload test e at 1000mg on first shot

Week 1-10 Test E @ 800mg/week
Week 1-10 Adex .5mg EOD (gyno prone)

2 weeks after last shot start novla ED @ 40mg for 2 weeks the drop to 20mg ED for the next 2 weeks?

Just some background info…

22 years old 6’4’’ 220-lbs BF 10-11%

This will be my 3rd cycle of test e. First was just a 6 week @ 600mg a week and 2nd was 10 weeks test e @ 650mg a week

Had minor gyno issues but nothing bad, adex seemed to help.

My diet and workout are both solid just looking to put on a little extra mass and strength while staying some what lean coming into summer.


that would be better yes


Ok, so I am about to order my AI for on cycle and thought I would get everyone’s opinions on Adex vs. Letro. This will be my 3rd cycle of test e and in the past 2 cycles I have ran Adex and still had gyno, nothing crazy, but little pea size lumps and very itchy/burning nipples. Should I try adex at a slightly higher dosage or use letro? If so what would you guys suggest for a dosage? In the past I used Adex at .25 - .5 mg EOD


i would try raising the dose of adex… or you can use letro, they are about the same in terms of effectiveness

just make sure you are getting legitimate product