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Test E and Var Cycle, New to Anavar

Starting a Cut cycle, goals are decent fat loss, mild muscle size and strength gains and overall well being.
Perfer lower test because of the estrogen sides. Have good backgorund in cycling, done couple tren cycles, but nothing oral.

Age 25
Body fat 14% (good abs but not lean elsewhere)
Weight 188
Height 5’8"

Bench press 365lbs x3
Shoulder press 245lbs x1
Front squat 365lbs x6
Deadlift NA (mulitple herniated disc)

Cycle layout
Test E 400Mg Split 2 doses Week 1-12

Anavar 50Mg Split 2 doses ED Week 4-12

Cardarine 14.5mg ED Week 4-12

Armidex 0.5mg ED Week 2-13

Caber 0.5mg E4D Week 2-13

Nolva 40/40/20/20 Week 14-17

Clomid 100/75/50/50 Week 14-17

Eating 300 Less than maintenance Calories
30 Mins Cardio 4 times per week
PPL 3 Days on, 1 day off, Repeat

Have gyno since I was like 12 so use of caber is preferred for me.

I’ve never used anavar but would like to use for strength and lean gains, with out the use of higher side effects.

Why do you need caber? I’d also drop the cardarine. Stick with the Nolva dose only for PCT and drop the clomid. I would consider starting the Var later and running it up to a week before you start PCT. Thats it my friend.

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This seems fine. You will have to report how the Cardarine impacts you. I am curious.

This would have me at undetectable E2 levels. Do you have bloodwork supporting this much AI at only 400 mg/wk of test?

You are not using 19-nors. Why do you think you need caber?

Overkill. I would just run the nolva. I would wait one extra week for the test to clear.

You mentioned you have a good background in cycling…have you used this much Adex in the past? I would feel like complete garbage on this much Adex. I’m on 400mgs Test right now and haven’t touched Adex in weeks. And I’m fat!

The demonization of estrogen has got to be one of the most problematic and harmful concepts in the whole realm of gear usage

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Also, you‘lol find your SHBG being lowered by the Var most likely, and may need to up the frequency of your test injections to keep TT & FT high. Just my experience

Ooh I didn’t catch that. I thought that was per week!

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Already been said buuuut

Too much AI

Dont need Caber

Probably dont need Clomid

Not been said…

Tren Cycles you might need TRT rather than PCT. Have you had your bloods done?

Nice work man!