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Test E and Tren E


I have two 10 ml 25omg of test E and one 10 ml 200 mg of tren E

I started to pin just test 1 ml on sat 5-11 and my second on Tuesday both are 1 ml. I was gonna start the tren on my 3rd week that way I will have the first 3 weeks and last 2 weeks of just test. Then I was also thinking about running a otc pct. I have 21 clomed the web site I ordered off of just gave me for my order. was gonna do that 2 weeks after my last pin.

Right now I feel like I can eat, screw, and lift anything. I like the feeling of the skin stretching. I started a PH 3 weeks before my first pin. In two days I run out of that.

I was told that a 10 ml bottle should last 10 weeks but I just don't see how. my dosage is low since it's a 250 mg vile.


If the vial is actually full of 10ml of Test and your very skilled at drawing it out it could last 10 weeks. Most people usually waste a ML per 10ML but there are a couple of things you can do to really get every bit out of the vial.


yea I did waste a little bit. I tried some thing I heard about to make the drawing easier. Some body said to shoot air in the vile. then draw 1 ml out. I popped the rubber and then some came out. about .5 ml if I had to guess. I was jacked. Took me 1 year to find a source and well. I'm sure you know who it is. But what I was getting at is 1 ml x 2 times a week is only 5 weeks. But yea I understand what your saying to. esp if you don't add a little air to the syringe to push the extra out of the needle. But not so much as to put into your body. other wise you waste some every time. Or you can add air after and put the extra back in the vile. That being a little safer for some body that can't judge so well. Less chance of putting air in there body


it makes no difference


Try to get large bubbles out but you can leave a little air in the syringe. No big deal unless you are injecting large 3cc+ air into muscle. The little bit of air diffuses into the tissue, dissipates and is absorbed by the body.

Search "syringe/wasted T" in the T Replacement forum.

You will float better in the pool.


ive injected over a ML of air before.. Hollywood is not real life


Hollywood is loosely based in life. If you inject a large amount of air into a vein then it can become lodge in the heart. Although it appears the amount needed may be as high as 100ml at a rate of 100ml/sec.

Sorry that was probably unnecessary. Anyway, don't worry about the air.


Ok cool thanks guys. One more thing if you don't mind. Some tips on not wasting any and also getting the last drops out plz


Turn the vial upside down when extracting oil. Put needle in a small depth, angle the barrel of the to the left or right (90 degrees from vial) so the needle is flat against the rubber, make sure the beveled end of the needle (the flat and sharp hole) is down and draw while rotating the vial. When you here air sucking in you should be able to get at those last few drops.

I have also heard of guys removing the vial tops from near empty vials with pliers and pouring remaining drops into one vial and baking it in an oven to make certain it is sterile. Or with an open vial you can easily use a 1.5" needle to suck up the last drop of your oil.




I don't dare open vials personally. My health is worth too much to me (Risk/Reward). I essentially do the first one. Tip the vial to the side so that all of the oil left is located in one area. Push the needle through and angle it almost 90 degrees and get every last drop that I'm able to.


thanks guys. I once tried to blow air in the vile from a video I seen. I was holding it upside down and when I started drawing it blew the pubber off. I was jacked even though it was a small amount that got wasted. I lost more then I wanted to.