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Test-E and Tren-E Cycle


Getting ready to do a cycle of 600 test e, 300 e3d and tren e, 150 e3d both for 12 weeks. prolly do nolva or taper for pct, havent decided yet. would like to hear some helpful opinions. first time ever using tren, not sure what to expect


Sounds like an exciting cycle.

What are your goals? How tall are you? How much do you weigh? Estimated bodyfat? Years training? How old are you? What kind of training protocol? Any info on diet?

Answer these questions first and the smart folks on this board will be a lot closer to giving you opinions that are suitable to your situation.


Buy some AI.


This is my favorite stack, although never used tren enth I used Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate but pretty much the same thing.Very powerful stack, you should be very happy with your results if your diet and training is dialed in properly.

I feel that it kicks in around week 3 or so,u will notice pretty intense pumps throughout your training.You should consider running a low dose of a-dex throughout your cycle, not a bad idea. Good luck!


very similar to my last cycle, I ran tren ace instead, lost a lot of bf. great strength increases. only sides were a little insomnia and loss of appetite when I ran the tren. sounds like a great cycle, good luck and happy training!


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I am just starting the Waterbury method.
I plan on doing 10 x 3 on big lifts, and 4 x 6 on aux lifts. I will be hitting all body parts 3 times a weak. I havent lifted like that since High school.


To answer Cortes; I am 38 yrs old, 5'11 and weigh 228 lbs. Not sure of BF, maybe 15-20 percent. I am no skinny dude. Been training my whole life, lifting a lot harder for the last 4 or 5 years. My wife always asks why I do all this, and I always tell her that my goal is to be a stud someday.


Cool. I hope you'll keep us posted on your progress. I've been pretty interested in Tren recently. Been reading the crazy posts over at GotFina.com. Would love to hear a bit about your experiences on it, especially as the ratio and injection frequency with test looks good. Good luck.


Big Daddy, I have run tren e now for two cylces both 20 weekers first at 500 mg second cycle at 600, both with test e and eq. My first 6 weeks or so I experience all of the sides you might have read about,not so much night sweats ,but hot all the time, a little insomnia, thinking gets a little, mm lets say "muddled" and AGGRESSION, both in the gym and toward any one at any time.

After that the sides subside although the aggression does not go completely. To me the temporary sides are worth the results.(though my family might disagree lol) As far as pct both times I have used a taper(as outlined in another thread) with great results. Hope this helps, good luck , keep us posted!


20 weeks, wow. What kind of gains did you have. How was your appetite, did you lose body fat?


If I were you, I would hold off on the tren until your second, or third cycle.

I think the best first cycle is always test only. Get used to it before stacking. At your age - you should see demonstrable results on 600mg Test E per week.

If you stack right off the bat and you have bad sides from something, it is hard to identify the problem. The last thing you want to do on a first cycle is worry about which compound is causing you trouble.

Just my opinion. I have been wrong hundreds of times before.

Good choice with the Waterbury method.


thanks for the reply rj.
I am no expert on AAS, but I have done several cycles, good and bad.
I am way smarter nowadays, thanks to you and Bushy, and others on this site.

I have ran test/decca in the past with decent gains. Not sure if the gear wasnt quality or dosing or what.
Just thought I would try Tren, as it seems to be similar to decca. At least that is what bushy reccomended to me.
That Bushy is pretty damn smart, aint he!


Sorry - I misread your post. The tren should be fine with you.

Tren and deca are similar only to the extent that they re both 19-nors. At least that's how Llwewllyn compares them.

Bushy's smart, but he was hit with a bat when he was a kid, so walks crooked, and speaks with a distinct slur.


Yeah, uh this past cycle was a cutter just finished up 5 weeks ago, started at 282# diet was high protien < less than 2000 cal a day for the majority of cycle, bumped it up a bit the last 6 weeks.

Lost right at 42# and added some lbm judging back thickness and put 1/4" on upper arm. It was a good one. My appetite has never been great even with the eq but the tren seems to kill it as even at 2000 cal I was forcing down some food.


Havent started my cycle yet, but wanted to update my thread.
I have decided to take before and after pics, as I do not have any means for bf test.
I hope to start my cycle within two weeks from now.
I will keep you posted.


Nice. Looking forward to following your thread.