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Test E and Tren E Cycle


Hey guys, I plan on starting my 4th cycle after taking a couple of months off from working out after a shoulder inj. I plan to taking test e and tren e for about 12 weeks. I was going to take tren e 2x a week 500 mg a week total. And test e 2xs a week for 400mg a week.

I was wondering what u guys thought of this stack and the dose. Iam open for suggestions. i want strenght and lean out and shed out some fat. helpful advice is appreciated. thanks


Doses look ok for steroids, PCT? AI? Prolactin inhibitors? hCG?


And from experience, 12 weeks of Tren is abit much but thats just me. Couldnt deal with the night sweats, depression etc etc. You might react to it differently. Consider using the Acetate ester in the beginning to assess tolerance/reaction? Dont know if you've used tren before.


Singhbuilder, what compounds / length of cycle were you taking when you were on tren, an night sweats as in body constantly sweating or stress panic attack sweats , also how was your sex drive when you were on this cycle.


I did Tri-tren followed by Tren Ace at 350mg/wk. Pinning 50mg everyday. Was alongside test prop also at 350mg/wk. The Tri-tren I pressumed was non-legit but I ran that for 6 weeks before switching to the ace. Counting the tri-tren phase and ace, I did 13 weeks in total. However I would only count doing "tren" for around 6 weeks when I did the ace.
By night sweats I mean waking up in the night and feeling like you've just put your head into a bucket of water sweats. Yes, thats how bad the sweats are, im speaking for myself here mind you. Didnt really sweat while I was awake so that was good.

In regards to the sex drive, long story post-cycle but ON-CYCLE my sex drive was present, slightly increased but the erections were not there. So in simple terms, you WANT to bang a chick but CANT (if that makes sense). Sex drive was there due to te prop im guessing. Dont mean to put you off as the gains I had from the ACE were unreal, but the sides did outweigh the benefits.


FWIW, tren Enth typicaly has alot less sides compared to tren ace or even tri tren.
also with high tren and low test the sides are bareable to non existent