Test E and Tren E 10 Wk Cycle

6’4 220
training for 7 years

im starting with 500mg/w of tren and test e for 10 weeks.
I have A-Dex for any Gyno reactions and i have nolva for my pct that ill start 2 weeks after my last pin.

PCT : Week 13-17
Clomid 50MG/day
Nolva 20MG/Day

I will use HCG on cycle Week 9-13 and week 3-7 @500UI/week…
any opinions or suggstions?

wy are you not running HCG all the way through? The same goes with a-dex

First cycle???
If gyno shows up, might be too late for Adex, especially since high E2 will most likely cause some bad tren sides with no caber or prami mentioned.
Whats with the gap in HCG usage?

Adex all the way through same with hcg

Get prami or caber

Run the test atleast 2 weeks longer then the tren.