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Test E and Tren A Thoughts

Running a 8 week cycle. Can’t extend this duration.

Fourth cycle, and have done tren A and E before.

Issue is with tren A,PCT starts straight away but can’t take it as I’ll be overseas and will not take it with me

However, if I run test E and teen A (instead of test P) can I still do PCT 2 weeks after last shot or test E?

So 1-8 test E and 4-8 tren A and PCT two weeks after? Is that fine or does PCT NEED to start immediately after last shot of teen A.

Otherwise I’m going test E and winny, but the idea of 8 weeks cycle is shit but only thing I can work with and need a two week break before PCT (time I’ll be overseas)

It is unfortunate that people don’t understand how the half life of a drug works. Not just you, but this ‘PCT 2 weeks after last pin’ is utter nonsense. It takes 5 half life cycles for the body to clear a drug. Testosterone Enanthate’s half life is about 7-9 days. PCT would start at least 35 days after the last Test. E injection.

@TRT_Phoenix You keep quoting the total or 99% clearance rates. What are your thoughts on starting when it’s “mostly” clear which happens after 3-4 half lives? Also, @johann77 posted come compelling studies that the true half life is 4-5 days for cyp and enth. Thoughts on that?

Correct. As long as exogenous Test is still in the body the HPTA is still suppressed. PCT would not work until it clears out 100%.

The only way to know for certain would be to test labs at different weekly intervals and see if levels are dropping or not. For me, Test. Cyp. lasts a very long time from what I remember when I tested myself and was coming off. Ultimately, the user can attempt PCT whenever they wish, but it may be futile and could potentially fail because they may not continue PCT long enough by inadvertently beginning too soon.

So if the last shot is a mix of a short and long ester, you take PCT based on the long ester?

Yes that’s correct. Use both short esters if you want to PCT sooner.

Thanks all