Test E and Tren A Cycle

I have been training a couple years now have a good workout routine and fairly clean diet. I am 6foot 6 182lbs very slim. Little to no fat probably around 6-8% i have put together a test / tren cycle i would like to start in a couple weeks. Wondering if my doses and compounds are set up correctly.
This cycle will take me a full 20 weeks to complete including pct.
Week 1-12 test e at 200mg/week pin twice a week
Week 5-12 tren a at 350mg/week pin ED
Week 16-20 clomid 100mg a day for first week then 50mg/day for remaining 3weeks

I am also going to be using cabergoline and would like to know the best time to use this in the cycle, how much to use and for how long. Let me know if this cycle sounds good and will be effective

6’6" and 182lb??? Am I reading that correctly? Bro you need a sandwich. Your diet is shit and AAS wont help that.

Well thanks mate. I been only on the diet for a month beleive it or not i started at 170 and gained 12 pounds through the last 5 weeks. I will give it more time and maybe look into tren use once i hit 200 or 210.

Yes you can go a long way just by eating more. A 6’6" frame wants to be bigger than 182. You should be able to put on another 20lbs easy.

Thanks again, you have motivated me to push my diet a bit harder and to be more consistant with it. I will deffinately reconsider tren use and will maybe get back to that idea in 3 or 4 years.

Yea man. Also look into AAS as well cause this cycle is a little flawed. You’re ridiculously skinny, Test @ 200mg/wk is not what you want. Try 500-600mg/wk alone. No Tren. That alone should give you some good size with a spot on diet.

Then maybe look into Deca. I’m not anti Tren or anything and don’t feel its only for experience users, I just feel it is not what you are looking for right now. There’s other drugs that will benefit your needs much more such as Deca, Dbol, Drol, EQ.