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Test E and Tbol Cycle, When to Start PCT?

Trying to make sure i do PCT properly, since im using both together test e and t-bol im Wondering how long i would need to wait before starting the PCT… 2 weeks?? 3 weeks? The next day after my cycles complete im confused!

Also Do i start test and tbol on the same day? If im running a 12 week cycle? Or should i do test-e solo for first 4 weeeks then stack it with t-bol for 7-8 weeks?? Cuz iknow tbol hard on the liver

And any other advice u guys have would b great its my first cycle ive been in the gym for 5+ years at 6foot 210 lbs 8-9 % bf… Wana get to 225 after cycle and maintain it!

If it’s your first cycle then do test only. One new variable at a time. If all is going smoothly you can add the tbol near the end for the final four weeks, or the final two weeks plus the two when you’re off test. PCT is no sooner than 14 days after your last test dose. If you can wait a little longer then you can do so.

What are you plans for PCT? What is your diet plan for the cycle? Etc.


That’s a lofty claim.

That’s the hardest part. You’ll likely grow like a weed on your first go about but lose a good chunk during PCT. Just accept it up front.

What’s you layout for this cycle? What’s your PCT plan?


I’ll only believe an ffmi of 26 while natty and lean if pics are posted.

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ok ya thats sounds good i think ill try that out throw the t-bol in at the last 4-5 weeks, n diet is going to be around the same thing im on now 3,500-4,000 cal a day 250-280 protein 400-500 carb 80-110 fat

ill post some pics hold up

Fwiw, I really like tbol. It seems to really give me strength. I haven’t used it for big durations, just like two days for a pr attempt.

For pictures, don’t include face for obvious reasons.

I was actually lower then 8 right here i beileve i was sitting around 7 atm tho im prolly 9 ish ive been bulking for awhile

Pct im still figuring out i kno that parts going to b crucial so thats why im on here i got clomid and.nova not sure on how much to take n for how long ive been reading 40/40/20/20 but what if im taking both??

Reason why i wana do tbol is.bcuz i have acne isuues dont wana be jacked n not b able to take shirt off i heard tbol has less side effects due ti its a milder steroid

You are super lean. Looking good. IMO, tbol is underrated. At least for strength gains. Strength can be turned to size. Just a shift in training.

I’ll say to anyone looking into this game. Be prepared for the potential of being on trt. Not only because of recovery. It gets tempting to hold onto gains, which trt helps out with.

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Thanks bro, alot of blood, sweat, tears and years been put into this !! I feel im close to my natural peak n tbh been getting a little board so ive made up my mind its time fuck it !! But how would u recommend the PCT as in daily doses etc…?

I haven’t run a pct; started on trt. However, I would wait 3 weeks to let the test clear out, and personally, I would run 40, 40, 20, 20, 10, 10 of nolva per day for 6 weeks. Most say 40, 40, 20, 20 or 20 mg for 6 weeks. I like the theory of tapering down to let the body adjust. Personally, I would run hcg at 500 iu eod between your last test shot, and the start of the nolva. IMO, recovery is closer to optimal doing so. Better recovery usually means more gains kept.

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Ya imma get the hcg too, ok so no clomid then your saying just nova for the 6 weeks? N yea i agree tapering with the 10mg sounds like it would work best

I’m no expert, but it seems the consensus is that just nolva is better. Clomid comes with more nasty sides. Clomid does work though.

This gets me thinking my next blast is soon approaching. Gonna have tbol in it. Maybe dhb, but that would require a new source.

Can’t tell anything because you are flexing hard in both pics. They don’t convey the whole torso or anything. Regardless you are plenty fit enough for this venture. But my choice advise stays they same… Expect two steps forward one step back during PCT.

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plan for PCT is to wait the 3 weeks then 30/30/20/20/10 with the nova, ive been hearing alot about HCG what are your inputs on this? should i add that in on my 12 week cycle, or wait and add it in well i wait the 3 weeks for the PCT then discountine, or to hell with it all together?

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