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Test E and Supplements

If I am already on test e. do I need supplements? Some say that I don’t need anything for recovery and protein synthesis if I already do a test, that I will don’t get any visible difference like natural bbs who use only supplements. I’m asking because my budget is limited and I wouldn’t spend money on them If I don’t need to.

Assuming you’re eating a balanced quality diet… not really. My staples are protein powder and fish oil if I were limited to just two.

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IMO, supplements won’t do much. Protein powder will help get protein if you don’t get enough from food. For breakfast I have a shake everyday with about 50g of protein. It also is made with 2 percent milk and peanut butter. I would guess that it is around 500 calories. I just can’t stomach more than 2 or 3 eggs.

Caffeine pre workout is also useful. I can just push myself harder with it.

I would stay away from the mixture supplements as they are almost always a waste of money.

The only supplement I ever use is protein powder. I will only use it as a back-up if I’ve not managed to get all my meals in. Other than that fuck supplements.

If and I emphasize IF you are looking for something to add in and help you capitalize on the test there is one main one that I can point you to, l-glutamine. That is assuming you get enough protein from food and such. The glutamine will help keep the post workout soreness down. It also seems to help with recovery during workouts but I am willing to bet that what I feel is placebo enduced. Less soreness means better workouts and thus you get more from the test. You can also eat bananas for the potassium and that will help with soreness as well.

After that there is l-arginine. This helps your blood hold, process and use NO. I personally feel if I have to choose between arginine or a NO workout powder I would choose the arginine. The arginine actually helps you get the full potential out of the NO powders. Remember with steroids like deca or EQ one of the benefits is the added nitrogen retention in the muscle fiber or cells. Even with this added nitrogen retention the arginine will help you retain as much as possible given your workout level and development level. So the second possible supplement to help you get more out of the test is arginine.

Those are my opinions and from experience they have served me well enough.

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I use creatine mixed in with BCAAs intra workout, post workout I’ll have a shake and a banana. CLAs, cod liver oil, vit C and a multivitamin are my staple health supps in the morning.

BCAAs are the BIGGEST scam run on the health industry ever!
When they became popular every manufacturer quoted this study that said BCAAs helped build muscle, burn fat, ect. The thing is in that study they did all of that and more BUT they were an injectable BCAA. When taken orally the BCAAs actually hinder fat burning and do nothing to help muscle growth or building. None of the manufacturers ever mentioned that on their labels.
Keep in mind HGH is technically a BCAA so think about what would happen if you drank those…nothing.

Essential amino acids do help when taken orally.

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So what about MK677 which is a orally administered HGH mimic?

From what I understand MK677 acts as the messenger to tell our bodies to secret more HGH vs what they would naturally. My explanation is very vague and just a general overview of what it is in practical terms not technical and certainly not medical terms. I am not even sure the MK677 directly enacts the secretions. It might make the gland or whatever that puts out the messenger put out that messenger that in turn tells our bodies to release or make the HGH.

I am actually getting set up to run a cycle with MK677, if what I have been reading is accurate then it sounds like a very interesting compound I want to try.

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Interesting, I use it frequently and like it as it increases my appetite. I take 30mg/day when running it. The guys im around like to use it when theyre off cycle but I don’t mind running it for prolonged periods of time.

Whilst I value your opinion, I am going to stick with them because I enjoy the flavour during my workouts. I got comp ready whilst using BCAAs for about 8 months prior to show day and cannot have any complaints about them hindering personal fat loss. fairly cheap supp and it’s in the plan provided by my coach.

I took BCAAs for a long time and thought I was getting something out of them. I listened to a Joe Rogan Podcast episode with Ben Greenfield and he basically explained why BCAAs were pointless and then went into depth about Essential Amino Acids so I switched to Kion EAAs to give it a try and there was a noticeable difference. If you’re going to take BCAAs it almost doesn’t make sense that you wouldn’t take EAAs instead.

BCAAs are just water flavoring. Use EAAs if you want any benefit

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With you guys responding to the BCAA statement I made I just want to reiterate. BCAAs do in fact work and in fact can work wonders but it is the method of ingestion that is the issue. When we eat or swallow BCAAs then by the time our bodies digest them there is no benefit, they simply don’t make it through the digestion process or they don’t absorb that way. Now if you don’t get anything out of orally taking them then they are just something your body has to digest before it can move on to using the stored energy in the form of fat. They don’t directly stop you from burning fat they just cut in front of the line so to say. If you come across injectable BCAAs then by all means try them, they should work wonders.

The reason essential amino acids work is because of where they get them…places like beef, something we can eat and process. The EAAs are just basically extracted from beef, I keep saying beef because the EAAs from it are supposed to be the better or more potent ones.

So in wrap up the BCAAs do infact work so all those companies selling them to you are correct they do help but they are knowingly selling you them in a form that does not work, aka orally. All those companies used reports and facts from this original report that very clearly said the method of administration or ingestion was intravenously or injected IM (I forget). I don’t think it was that very first big report but shortly after and in very easy access the whole “they don’t work orally evidence” came out and was either attached or sent around with the report. They knowingly ignored the whole “they don’t work orally” thing. Now how much do you think they have made off of oral BCAAs since the 80s or very early 90s? Things like this and cheap low quality “reject” protein is why I don’t like the supplement industry as a whole. Since I mentioned it and someone might ask, egg whites are the hands down best quality protein on the market. If you catch them on sale or special then they are very easily the most affordable too!!! Hard boil 12-18, shell them then put then in a container in the fridge. Every other hour eat 1-5 depending on size and how much protein you want. Just remember to not eat the yolk because that is where the cholesterol is.

There’s nothing wrong with eating the yolks though. In the yolk there is loads of nutrients and it’s probably more beneficial to eat the yold for the good it does than the harm it causes. I eat 5 whole eggs before bed each night and my cholesterol is in a good range, no concerns.

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When some one is on Testosterone at supraphysiological levels their body will actually make it’s own bad cholesterol and at high levels. I don’t understand how but when I started in this world my research/reading kept seeing that fact over and over again. So eating anything with bad cholesterol is just going to make it worse. If your young you might be able to get away with it for a bit but if you do if for a while it will catch up to you.

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Thanks for the insight, always willing to learn and I will certainly research that because 5 a day is quite a bit of fat.

Im glad I stumbled on this because I eat 6 every single day ha. will reduce yolks to 3 and rest egg whites.