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Test E and Smolov

First workout of meso is done. 12 minutes total.

Got the video, available on request due to privacy of spotters. Would be nice if someone could critique my form and intensity.

Edit: tomorrows injection 5. I do get annoyed at stupid shit. But overall I feel very neutral about things. I think its working.

Good day today. Triceps got the shit kicked out of them.

Bench press


Seated military press


Close grip bench


V-grip pushdowns


Had lots of energy today, First 2 sets of bench I could have easily gone to 6 reps but it would have taken a lot out of me. Getting that close to failure on the first and second working set doesn’t seem smart to me. The 285 sets I did just because I wanted a sure 5 reps.

My spotter left early so I got some “ITS ALL YOU MAN” spotters. You never know how much they’re helping.

Hey, sounds like everythin’s comming together.

I’m in the 3rd week of the meso cycle (of smolov), it’s…pretty crazy eh! I’ve opted to do a bit of a different workout. Monday is chest, Wednesday is upper back, friday is delts & saturday arms. This leaves me with those few days of rest.

I know a guy who stacked Test E with EQ, he did pretty well of it actually.

Are you able to use a power rack with safety pins? that’s what I’m doing, bcos a, there’s nobody who trains when i do, that could spot me & b, I can do my own thing & i’m safe!

We have 2 power racks and one multipurpose rack. I use the multipurpose rack because the lighting where the rack is, is much better.

speaking of racks, my spotter had a nice one.

Leg and back day. Twas a big one. OCT 7


Drop set from 405 to 225 using 10 reps each time.
Time to add a 25 to the working sets.

Chest row

4plates+25 for 5 sets of 5

Pull ups


Cable row

Time to up the weight here.

I ate, rested for a couple hours , ate again and then went to do squats.


straight sets, no failure, felt good.

OCT 8,2008

I’m awesome.

Bench (yea again)


Arnold presses

6x5 60lbs

Rear delt raises

3x10 35lbs

lateral raise machine ( ja we got one)

100 lbs 3x10

Behind the neck presses

I did these after Arnold presses, but wanted to comment on them. This was the first time i did anything behind the neck, I actually thought I couldn’t do it. Boy was I wrong.

Anyways it went something like

Barx10, 135x5,135x10,135x10,135x9,135x8,135x6.

I will be including behind the neck presses more often.

Side note: I looked jacked doing them.

Behind the neck presses

they are good if done right - screw the haters that flop their jaw about hurting shit - their the idiots.

Do it in smith, squat rack?

I like squat rack sitting, pins at nose level, bring down to almost touch pins.

Show all those haters your lateral delts after a set… you’ll see them doing them next week.

Nah man we have the seated military station. just got a spotter to give me a lift.

I was going about chin level, maybe a bit lower. Will alternate between front and back next week.

No more pressing for this week, maybe some tricep work.

for behind the neck I like to stay above the nose… check out an article on here, I think by Cressey. He tells you safe way to do them. It’s called liek the myth of overhead pressing or something.

Alright so I pulled a longer day today because it was 10 sets of 3 at 85% of my max taken at first.

I’ve gained 12 LBS using 12.5mg of aromasin from the beginning of the cycle. The test still has not “kicked in” fully.

The results so far? That 85% of my max? I’m throwing it around. Next week All weights will go up 12-15%, the only one that might be on the lower end is the first one, just because I work that day.

So in week 2 day 1

reps of 9 with 80% of first taken max

Which will be a 14.5% increase from the previous week.

Lookin’ good RB :wink:

Sorry forgot to post yesterday.

The test kicked in, big time. It is a feeling,I think, everyone should experience once in their lives.

After a day of manual labor (furniture mover). I put up 16% more weight than last week, of the same session. 16% converts into about 40 LBS.

No reps came to failure, the First 3 sets I could have done more reps.

I’ve also started adding milk with protein powder to every meal.

I’m doing bench today, I’m gonna aim for a max today to see what kind of weights I should be training with. I’m expecting a 345 LB bench press.

So miki how many vegetables are you eating per day? Just kidding dude your making crazy gains now keep it up.

Thanks J, we gotta train together sometime.

Bench Day.

I took a dump before working out, this is a big no no for myself, but I couldn’t hold it. So my mood kinda sucked


135x3x10,225x10,315x1,335x1 cake, 345x1 PR. Stopped there.

did a regular bench workout too.
4 sets, 9,8,7,5 reps. 275 weight.

BTN PRESS, 165x4x4, 135x10

face pulls 3x10

cable flies, 3x10 forgot weight.

I notice that I lost tightness on the 345 attempt, more rows maybe?

Good day even though I wasn’t 100% because of my shit.

No one wants to hear about your bowel movements you noob, how does shitting make you feel bad anyways? Every one I know unloads before training or playing sports and feel better.

The pressure allows me drive more. Also, I have to squeeze my glutes more, to not anything out, which transfers over to the lift as well.

Oct 16, today


7 sets of 5 335 LBS, 40 LB increase.

Did everything, I can start to feel the effects of training so much appetite loss here and there. I just keep feeding myself anyways.

ARMS tomorrow, looking to close grip bench 275 for 6-8

Did the 10x3 workout today/

This shit is insane right now, I’m spending 15 minutes warming up and doing dynamic work just so I can squat properly.

Today I had the company of a provincial bodybuilder, so I asked him some questions on form, bulking, ect. Seems I’m doing most things right.

So heres what happened today.

Squats 10x3 @355 last 3 sets at 335

135x20,225x12,295x7 PR, 275x10 PR,275x8

Close grip


Tri-pushdowns straight bar

3x25 the stack

Some weird bent over bicep exercise recommended by some big dude.


Machine curl, palms facing away

4x25 light weight.

Decent day, I focused more on higher reps, especially for the biceps, and that general area. Pre-hab you could say.

EDIT: FUCK I forgot to do face pulls.

have you not trained in the last 2 days assmunch?

Yesterday I took off. Today ( OCT 19) I did 4x9 with 315. Bringing me to an increase of 60 LBS training weight. edit total increase with about 24%. in 2 weeks.