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Test E and Proviron - First Cycle Help from the Big Boys????


hi i have started my first cycle of test e at 250mg x2 a week and proviron at 25mg x2 a day....took my first pin friday 1st this month 250mg test e next is monday with my second pin of 250mg test e....also am taking my proviron everyday at 50mg split in two am and pm also my cycle is for 10weeks

need some help for pct????

need help on nolvadex when to take and how many mgs???

need help on clomid when to take and how many mgs???

all help will be very well appriciated


Read the stickies. Or pay someone to lay out a cycle for you. This isnt a charity.

And if you start bitching about how forums are supposed to help pepole, youre more than welcomed to leave. All of the questions youve asked have been answered 100x over.


Not the best idea -- by a long shot -- to start a steroid cycle without knowing what one is doing. Which is always the case when the plan for PCT hasn't been figured out yet.

I would just stop now and restart after having actually learned about what is involved here. Which does NOT happen from reading a few posts on the interwebz or from participating in a chat room, and does not happen in a few days or just a couple of weeks or what have you.


i understand what you are saying but i thought these forums were here to help people find out not flame them because they ask a question i no you have better experience and knowledge then me thats why am here asking the questions and with your knowledge and experience i am getting these answers very nice guys

i bet u had to start from some were and ask questions if the person u was asking was like you were would you be today think about it before you start to flame other peace


@bones217 no one asked you for anything if u can help post if u just a sadoo leave out peace


wtf is a sadoo


lol leave it dude


My post above WAS advice that would help you, much moreso than providing an amount of information that could be contained in a single post.


Go back to 4chan or whatever that place is called.


OP, do some more reading. Every once in awhile, if a person is lucky, those with the experience and knowledge will spoon feed, but it is preferred to not spoon feed people. Do some more reading and be respectful or GTFO. Bill Roberts is probably the most respected and knowledgeable person regarding steroids on this site; bones also falls into that same category; Bones can just be a tadbit more rough around the edges.

If you want help from people on here, display that you have put the time and effort into learning about these powerful substances before expecting someone who has read/learned, to do the work for you.