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Test E and Primo Cycle

Hey guys,looking at doing a test E cycle. 300mg e3d. No deca or Eq this time. But considering adding at least 200mg Primo e3d. Worthwhile or just a waste? Or should I add more? Advice please. Thnx.

why? why do you want to add primo? why are you doing AAS?

just curious… i cant comment without motive… :slight_smile:

Why?..the wicked sex on vitamin T brother! Hehehe Im 35 done a few cycles so not really new to this but just want sum opinions. Looking to make to sum lean gains. Primo just sounds like a nice addition.

primobolan enanthate at 400mg/wk is going to give some added anabolism.
But there are many more effective and cheaper substances that would give better results…

what about masteron? lean gains, wicked strength and libido.
What about equipoise? lean gains and appetite in some.
what about winstrol? strength and lean gains.

I think it is a waste… it is expensive and there are other substances that you could replace it with for better gains.

If it is just libido and some bonus muscle you want, just do test. 500mg test a week is enough for 10-20lbs of gains (depending on various factors) and a wicked libido increase…
700mg is too much if this is just your second cycle, you should not need anywhere near that much.



Well, for the sex part - Test and Mast is unbeatable.

I personally wouldn’t add Primo for an addition - just not worth it in my opinion.
I’d add Masteron Enanthate for a comparible gain with much more positive effects or even EQ

(Which is a step up from Primo, but not much worth it either) maybe consider just some Anavar for a finisher the last 5 weeks and then 2 weeks past, right up to PCT?

Still would need to know a bit more for a good solid recommendation, but as for the original question - Primo at under 700mg/week is not worth it in my opinion (unless you home brew I guess) and at that dose (700mg/week) there are much cheaper alternatives that offer much better gains without much more, if any more, sides.

You get what you get, take enough Primo for an anabolic effect on line with 600mg/week EQ and you are going to get sides - it’s safe because it’s weak and mild

JJ, Don’t forget simply adding Proviron to the test E to maximize libido and free T. You’re a fellow Proviron proponent, right?

Aye! Its great stuff. :):slight_smile:

Iv’e seen primo on quite alot of sites lately come down quite abit in price. The stealth satchets are quite a deal at 20ml. Good luck.

JJ what would a test and masteron cycle look like?

So test and masteron will make your sex drive insane huh? I like the sound of that lol.

I havent run masteron mate…

i know that it isnt used in crazy or increasing dosages as it simply isnt effective past a certain dose… and i have read in many places that the optimal dose is somewhere around 250mg<350mg/wk.

So with that in mind, one would then choose the test ester they desired, and with propionate being the ester of masteron (drostanolone propionate - unless one sourced the enanthate version) and the fact that Test prop is a little ‘dryer’ than the other tests, this would make the most sense - to me at least.

So then a cycle if i were to run it personally, would likely look something like this:

Wk1-8 Test Prop 525mg/wk(75mg/d)
Wk1-8 Mast Prop 350mg/wk(50mg/d)
Adex as personally needed
PCT as appropriate

A lower dose of 350mg of each would be great too for some…



I just finished off the last 4 weeks of my cycle with 150mg prop and 100mg mast combined in the same shot EOD. Very fond of that combination.

I also have no issues with shooting 2.5ml in any given site.

Anyone know what masteron is like as far as sides?

like hair loss?
and hdl/ldl?

some have said the primo they used made them go thin on the ol hair.